Guy Verhofstadt has sparked calls for Poland to leave the European Union: ‘They aren’t required!’


Guy Verhofstadt has sparked calls for Poland to leave the European Union: ‘They aren’t required!’

GUY Verhofstadt was mocked on social media after expressing concerns that Poland was on the verge of following the UK’s lead and exiting the EU, with many expressing their hope that he was correct.

The former Belgian Prime Minister, current MEP, and outspoken Brexit critic was speaking about the EU’s increasing feud with Warsaw over contentious legal measures. The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), based in Luxembourg, has argued that a new disciplinary panel established at Poland’s Supreme Court as part of a judicial revamp “does not satisfy all the requirements of impartiality and independence.”

The Polish Constitutional Tribunal, on the other hand, retaliated, claiming that the CJEU’s interim decisions were incompatible with the country’s constitution.

“Against the wishes of the vast majority of Polish people who want a future, the populist governing PiS party is determined to drive Poland out of the EU,” Mr Verhofstadt wrote.

“Will someone intervene before it is too late to stop them?”

Rather than being worried by his warnings, many others believed that the scenario only exposed the EU’s flaws.

“More fractures appearing in the EU Guy?” William Black responded.

“I thought you guys were all in it together?”

“It’s fine, Guy…” said another. They simply require a healthy dose of ‘More Europe.’ That’s how you get out of a situation like this.

“Remember how you tamed the British public with ‘More Europe?’

“Those obnoxious Brits quickly discovered which side of their bread was buttered.”

“Another joining the UK and quitting the sinking ship that is the EU,” said Simon Rees.

“Guy, it’s called democracy!” said another. – the EU’s absence of it will lead to its demise.”

Others said Mr. Verhofstadt was correct in predicting Poland’s exit in a matter of time.

“I’m excited to see a Polexit!” one person exclaimed.

“This is fantastic news,” said a second. Poland receives the most donations from the European Union. Poland isn’t required.”

Another Twitter user attempted to juxtapose Mr. Verhofstadt’s comments with the EU’s approach toward the United Kingdom throughout the Brexit negotiations.

“Rule of Law, a little rich coming from you?” they replied. Who tried to stop the British people from exercising their democratic right to leave the EU?

“An act of parliament passed by our representatives in parliament? “Do you believe in the rule of law?”

Another poster, on the other hand, suggested that Poland would not be. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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