Guy Verhofstadt criticized the fact that Team GB has more gold medals than Germany AND France combined.


Guy Verhofstadt criticized the fact that Team GB has more gold medals than Germany AND France combined.

GUY VERHOFSTADT has been mocked by Brexiteers for Britain’s current Olympic gold medal tally, which is more than double that of Germany and France combined, and 17 more than his own country of Belgium.

The former Belgian MEP and current MEP, who is an outspoken opponent of Brexit, caused a controversy earlier this week when he bizarrely claimed that the European Union was “winning” the Tokyo Olympics, as well as urging that EU members compete with an EU flag on their uniforms in the future. Mr. Verhofstadt, the European Parliament’s Brexit representative, cited the fact that, as of August 5, the overall number of gold medals won by EU27 members had surpassed the total number of medals won by China and the United States combined.

However, as of Saturday, the United Kingdom has 20 golds, placing fourth behind China (38), the United States (34) and the hosts, Japan (26).

Germany and France, the EU’s two most powerful nations, are far behind, with Germany, led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, in seventh place with ten gold medals and France, led by Emmanuel Macron, in tenth place with seven medals.

Belgium, Mr. Verhofstadt’s home country, presently has three Olympic gold medals and is ranked 28th in the medal table.

And, in a development that some may attribute to Brexit, Australia’s current gold medal total of 17 is equal to Germany and France combined, owing to the trade agreement reached between London and Canberra earlier this year.

With a population of 25 million people, Australia is roughly one-sixth the size of France + Germany.

Mr Verhofstadt may be privately happy, according to David Jones, Tory MP for Clwyd West and deputy head of the European Research Group (ERG).

“I’m sure Mr Verhofstadt, as a well-known Anglophile (he drives an Aston Martin), will be the first to lavish credit on Team GB on their fantastic success,” he told this website.

“He may also see that international sporting achievement is largely a reflection of a strong national identity, for which the European Union’s dry-as-dust mega-bureaucracy could never be a substitute.”

Gala Yafai became the latest British athlete to win gold today, defeating Carlo Paalam of the Philippines in the Olympic flyweight boxing final.

Meanwhile, Germany’s modern pentathlon coach, Kim Raisner, has been sent home after punching a horse. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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