Guto Harri retaliates: The GB News host speaks out after the kneeling row erupted.


Guto Harri retaliates: The GB News host speaks out after the kneeling row erupted.

Guto Harri, one of GB NEWS’ own presenters, has accused the network of “replicating” cancel culture when he was hauled off the air after kneeling during a live broadcast.

Mr. Harri’s actions prompted a barrage of complaints from GB News viewers, with some accusing the network of becoming “woke.”

Later, the channel issued a statement calling the presenter’s actions “an inexcusable breach of our rules.”

Mr Harri, who worked for Boris Johnson while he was London Mayor, retaliated against GB News in the Sunday Times.

“I joined part-time but with a long-term commitment because I liked and trusted the people in charge and believed in the overall vision,” he explained.

“However, the channel is quickly devolving into a ridiculous imitation of what it claims to be.

“Instead of protecting free speech and fighting cancel culture, it has set out to imitate it on the far right.”

Mr. Harri stated that his actions have resulted in him being “taken off the air for the summer.”

In support of racial justice, the England football team took a knee before each of their Euro 2020 matches.

Some, however, see the gesture as a show of support for the divisive Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

Some outraged GB News viewers threatened to boycott the program when Mr Harri took the knee.

“GB News stands four square against racism in all its forms,” the network tweeted in reaction to the controversy. We don’t have a company policy regarding kneeling.

“Some of our visitors were in favor, while others were opposed. They’re all anti-racist. All GB News journalists adhere to a set of editorial standards.

“On Tuesday, a contributing presenter kneeled on television, which was an unforgivable violation of our standards.”

GB News was created last month with the goal of combating the UK broadcast media’s claimed metro-centric and leftist bias.

It was revealed on Saturday that former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage will host a show from Monday to Thursday.

The show, titled ‘Farage,’ will air between 7 and 8 p.m., with the Brexiteer declaring, “I will not be kneeling on this show!”

Mr Harri said in his Sunday Times column that GB News has been failing to keep viewers.

“Briefings to some media suggest all was fine with the channel until I insulted the lynch mob,” he added.

“Until I took the knee, the viewing stats were fine…” Brinkwire Summary News.


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