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Gunman accused of shooting dead bikie boss Mick Hawi ‘ran off he like he was doing chicken dance’

The man who allegedly murdered former bikie boss Mahmoud Hawi outside a south Sydney gym ran off so erratically after the shooting it looked like he was ‘doing the chicken dance’, a witness has told the jury.

Yusuf Guney Nazlioglu, 39, is accused of being the masked gunman who shot Mr Hawi outside Fitness First in Rockdale in February 2018, while Jamal Eljaidi, 32, is accused of being his getaway driver.

Both have pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Hawi, who left the gym just after midday and entered his black four-wheel-drive Mercedes parked at the entrance.

Chris Kounavis, who works at a commercial refrigerator supplier about 150 metres from Rockdale’s Fitness First, appeared before the NSW Supreme Court on Tuesday via video link.

He told the jury he heard three to five ‘loud bangs’, which sounded like fireworks, before he saw someone ‘covered head to toe’ in black clothes enter the waiting car.

‘They were running erratically,’ Mr Kounavis said.

‘The way they were running was like they were doing the chicken dance at the same time … arms up in the air.’

Mr Kounavis told the court he saw the man get into the passenger seat of the parked car, but couldn’t see how many were in the car or whether the person dressed in black was carrying a firearm.

The getaway car was torched minutes after the shooting, the jury has been told previously. 

Nazlioglu and Eljaidi are accused of moving into a second car, found in Rosebery a month later with a balaclava in a front seat footwell.

DNA consistent with the latter was found in that car but his barrister earlier suggested secondary transfer could be involved.

Mr Hawi became national president of the Comancheros at just 22 but relinquished the role in 2009 when he was sent to prison.

Nazlioglu’s barrister contends his client did not kill Mr Hawi and that other people had a greater motive to murder.

The barrister representing Eljaidi has submitted there’s a ‘paucity’ of evidence in the crown case against his client.

The trial continues before Justice Robert Allan Hulme.

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