Gunfire is used by Taliban soldiers to attack a terrified British family’s home and take their sister.


Gunfire is used by Taliban soldiers to attack a terrified British family’s home and take their sister.

TALIBAN troops used gunfire to invade a British man’s home in Afghanistan and grab his sister.

Intruders forced their way into the home of a British civilian father of two who was trapped in Kabul, the country’s capital. Jihadist fighters forced access into his home by firing shots into his door and wall, and while the male had already fled, they kidnapped his sister. As the Taliban’s reign of terror continues across the Middle East, the British man claims that the extremists’ acts have put his family in danger.

Khaleed, a Londoner whose name has been altered for security reasons, came in Afghanistan 16 days ago, fearful for the safety of his Afghan wife and two children.

The family traveled to Kabul airport on a daily basis in the hopes of catching a flight out of the conflict, but the young age of their children made it difficult to approach the gates in the heat and large crowds, which frequently resulted in stampedes towards airport entrances and departing flights.

Extraction attempts are underway in the area, however the last UK flight left on Sunday, leaving Khaleed and other British nationals stranded in the area.

The departure of the final flight signaled the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul airport.

The number of persons left behind has been estimated to be in the “low hundreds,” according to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, but this estimate may be conservative.

“I’m asking with the British Government to show some mercy and do something to save us, our lives are in danger,” Khaleed said in an interview with

“We are members of your community and of the United Kingdom.”

“Please don’t leave us at the mercy of these creatures, the whole world has seen their cruelty,” the British civilian asked for help and a solution to his agony. Simply assist us in escaping this nation, as they have the authority to come and take us away at any time. I’m concerned about my children’s safety, even their life.

“I don’t know what to do or where to go, and the British government isn’t helping.” I’m begging the government to intervene and save us.”

Khaleed and his family were afraid for their life in their Kabul house. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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