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Gun-toting French law-student, 23, receives death threats

A French law student has received death threats after becoming the poster girl for a streaming channel dubbed ‘the hunting Netflix’ and sharing grisly images of her kills online. 

Johanna Clermont, 23, is a ‘hunting influencer’ with 300,000 followers across Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat – where she posts photographs of herself posing with her latest kills. 

The ‘proud huntress’, from Perpignan, has now featured in a billboard campaign for Zone 300, an on-demand video platform which specialises in documentaries about hunting and fishing.

The blonde’s image has been plastered over metro posters in Paris to promote the streaming service, which currently has more than 90,000 subscribers.

Ms Clermont has reportedly changed her surname due to threats she received from anti-hunting activists at Perpignan University in southern France, where she studies, the Telegraph reported. 

In response, the student said ‘p***ing people off is my passion,’ explaining her goal was to ‘break down stereotypes’ of the male-dominated sport.

She added: ‘If there are no negative reactions, then the campaign won’t have worked.’  

Thierry Coste, the French hunting federation’s political adviser, said he has ‘always supported’ Ms Clermont’s initiatives after the pair appeared in a television debate together.

‘In a man’s world where social media is little used, the first steps were pretty tough,’ he told Le Parisien.  

The huntress has sparked controversy even within the hunting community, with some claiming the student has ‘sold her soul to merchandising.’ 

Ms Clermont regularly promotes knife and gun brands on her social media. 

Martine Pion, president of the national association of female hunters, said: ‘We don’t share the same way of seeing things. To be a spokesmodel and remain independent seem difficult to me.’ 

Others claimed she ‘gets bad press because she hogs the limelight.’ 

Ms Clermont received her hunting licence in 2014 after being given a rifle as a Christmas gift at 16.  

She has since travelled as far as South Africa to hunt, and regularly shares images of her latest kills with 300,000 followers across Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.

‘I like to play on this duality because that’s what pleases me. I alternate between the photos of pure hunting, of a warrior and more dolled up photos,’ she previously told L’Express.

‘There is a happy medium, it’s quite touchy. I know. It may be surprising to see a young blonde like me. But I want to break the stereotypes.’

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