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Growing ‘brexting’ habit of texting on phones while breastfeeding

Health authorities are warning new mothers that scrolling on their phones while breastfeeding may be damaging bonding with their babies. 


The modern day habit, which even earned the hashtag worthy name of ‘brexting,’ may be affecting children’s development and their relationships, experts say. 

‘When a breastfeeding mum focuses on the phone… it can disrupt an important developmental process that relies on baby seeing and responding to mum’s face,’ Royal Australian College of General Practitioners president Harry Nespolon told The Courier Mail. 

‘Taking care of very young children means that you can be very socially isolated and it can very difficult to get out. But breastfeeding time is not the time to catch up with Facebook’ he said. 

He explained babies look for and respond to cues from their mother’s face and expressions while breastfeeding. 

An experiment conducted by Harvard Medical School found that babies got anxious when their mother’s had a blank expression while breastfeeding. 

A breastfeeding expert also told the publication it is also important for mother’s to pay attention of their babies facial expressions during feeding time. 

‘Mums are getting to know the nuances of their baby’s body language. This is important for bonding and becoming attuned to the baby so that they can respond to the baby’s early signals that they are hungry, satiated, tired, uncomfortable,’ breastfeeding expert Pinky McKay said. 

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