Greta Thunberg criticizes Jacinda Ardern for ‘doing nothing’ to address climate change.


Greta Thunberg criticizes Jacinda Ardern for ‘doing nothing’ to address climate change.

GRETA THUNBERG has lambasted New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and other international leaders for “doing nothing” to address climate change.

Last Saturday, in an interview with the Guardian, the young Swedish climate campaigner made no apologies for calling out world leaders for their inaction on climate change. The 18-year-old, who is now living on her own in Sweden, continues to use the internet to rally millions of people all over the world.

Ms. Thunberg and her activist pals are expected to attend the COP26 conference in Glasgow, Scotland, from October 31 to November 12, 2021.

She, on the other hand, expressed her dissatisfaction with the summit’s outcomes.

“Not much has changed from prior years,” she explained.

“The leaders will declare, ‘We’ll do this,’ ‘We’ll do this,’ ‘We’ll put our forces together and do this,’ and then they’ll do nothing.'”

“Perhaps some symbolic gestures and imaginative accounting, as well as other little details.”

“We can have as many COPs as we want, but no real progress will be made.”

When asked if she knows of any world leaders that she thinks are doing good, she responded she can’t think of a single politician who has impressed her.

As a result, Guardian journalist Simon Hattenstone inquired about New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who declared the climate issue to be a “life or death” situation.

“It’s amusing that people think Jacinda Ardern and those like her are climate leaders,” Greta responded.

“It only goes to show how ignorant people are about the climate catastrophe.

“Clearly, emissions have not decreased. It is self-evident that these guys are doing nothing.” In April, it was correctly disclosed that New Zealand’s greenhouse-gas emissions grew by 2% in 2019.

Greta also chastised Boris Johnson for his nonsensical decision to support new coal mines and oil developments in the UK while hosting the COP26.

“It’s hypocritical to talk about climate change while continuing to build fossil-fuel infrastructure.”

Ms Thunberg had already highlighted her dissatisfaction with world leaders’ inactivity when speaking at the United Nations in 2019.

“This is completely incorrect. She stated, “I shouldn’t be standing here.”

“On the other side of the Atlantic, I should be back in school.”

“Yet you all look to us, the youth, for hope.”

“How dare you?” says the narrator.

“You have taken my dreams and my identity.” “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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