Green revolution: Sir David Attenborough warns of the dangers of rubbish in Royal Parks to wildlife.


Green revolution: Sir David Attenborough warns of the dangers of rubbish in Royal Parks to wildlife.

Sir David Attenborough is asking people to leave no mark when visiting nature places after seeing the horrific impact of littering on wildlife in these photos. After The Royal Parks announced that it spends £1.3 million a year removing litter from its grounds, the naturalist asked visitors to “tread softly.”

A plastic bag wrapped around a stag’s jaws, a hedgehog caught in a balloon, and a cormorant with a beer-pack plastic ring around its neck are among the images captured by the charity’s personnel. Other photos show a pelican juggling a plastic bottle and an abandoned sofa stuck in a tree.

Last year, approximately 2,000 tons of rubbish were removed from Royal Parks’ London green spaces, which include Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.

“The Royal Parks are a haven for wildlife in hectic London, and there are simple things we can all do to safeguard it and help it thrive,” Sir David, 95, said.

“Litter, particularly plastic, is posing an increasing threat to wildlife around the world, and we can all contribute by bringing it home or using the bins. Please leave the wildflowers and mushrooms, as well as the acorns and rotting wood, alone.”

“All of them are crucial aspects of the parks’ ecology,” the experienced broadcaster remarked.

“Always step lightly and leave no evidence of your presence.”

As part of its Help Nature Thrive campaign, the organization, which oversees eight parks, has emphasized the impact of abandoned trash on wildlife.

“Unfortunately, we’ve all too frequently seen the destructive impact that dumping garbage, leaving BBQs smouldering, or venturing into protected areas of the parks can have on the ecology and wildlife,” said Tom Jarvis, director of parks at The Royal Parks. Choosing to remove a bottle or little piece of plastic rather than leaving it behind might make all the difference in the lives of the parks’ magnificent wildlife.”

“We labor around the clock to keep the parks beautiful, safe places for everyone to enjoy,” he continued, “but keeping the parks litter-free comes at a high cost.

This is money and time that may be better spent on environmental preservation.”

The message was sent as part of the Daily Express’s Green Britain Needs You campaign, which aims to safeguard the environment while also boosting the economy.

Geoff Lilley is an environmental activist. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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