Green levies should be abolished, according to energy companies, in order to help keep bills low.


Green levies should be abolished, according to energy companies, in order to help keep bills low.

Green levies on bills should be abolished, according to energy executives, in order to help customers cope with rising costs.

Environmental fees, according to Ecotricity founder Dale Vince, are a “stealth tax” of hundreds of pounds per year.

“The government needs to stop bemoaning high energy bills and promising to protect consumers while simultaneously raising costs through VAT and a slew of other hidden taxes,” he said.

“In April, the price cap will increase by £700.”

By abolishing them, the government could remove half of that.”

Mr Vince, who is a supporter of the Daily Express’s Green Britain Needs You campaign, believes that North Sea gas suppliers should be subject to a windfall tax.

In recent months, some businesses have seen an increase in profits.

“These guys made about £20 billion in excess profits this winter supplying gas to Britain – from our North Sea,” he said.

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Centrica CEO Chris O’Shea echoed Mr Vince’s sentiments.

He suggested that the government fund green initiatives through general taxes, saving customers £170.

When regulator Ofgem’s revised price cap takes effect in April, energy bills are expected to soar.

“Suppliers must pass on higher wholesale costs to survive,” Mr. O’Shea said.

Around 20 Conservative MPs and peers have also called for a reduction in the VAT on energy bills.


When I looked out the window of my south London home this morning and saw the frost on the roofs, I wondered how many elderly people were shivering behind their front doors, afraid to turn up the heat.

We know from what several of them have told us that the fear of sky-high energy bills is forcing many to make extremely difficult decisions in order to avoid receiving a dreaded “red bill” in a few months.

Some pensioners on fixed incomes, for example, are surviving solely on soup and sandwiches because they are afraid to turn on their ovens.

Others among the elderly are cutting back on their daily showers in order to save money.

It’s just a fact of life that older people feel the cold more than the rest of us.

Many suffer from long-term illnesses that worsen if they do not stay warm.

Also, retirees have a proclivity for it.

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