Green gas will “guarantee a safer, cleaner future,” according to the report.


Green gas will “guarantee a safer, cleaner future,” according to the report.

A climate organization has warned that gas boilers create more than double the carbon emissions of all gas-fired power plants in the country. However, the country could transition to green gas, providing families with 100 percent clean power without having to replace current boilers.

Climate change advocacy group Gas boilers also emit eight and a half times as much dangerous nitrogen oxide as the nation’s gas power fleet, according to Possible’s analysis of government energy data. In metropolitan places, this raises the risk of respiratory infection.

The group’s Neil Jones said: “Many of us will be surprised to learn that beneath the gleaming white exterior of our boilers lurks a covert polluter. It’s past time for the government to provide us with all of the resources we need to update our homes and assure a safer, cleaner future.” According to eco-entrepreneur Dale Vince, a breakthrough money-saving move to green gas produced by farms might save millions of boilers.

He revealed plans for Britain’s first £10 million “gas from grass” facility last week, which he wants to be operational by the end of next year.

It will use the national grid to provide carbon-neutral biomethane to homes, aiding in the fight against climate change. A campaign to safeguard Britain’s gas boilers has also been started by the Daily Express and Dale’s energy company, Ecotricity.

According to Dale, grass-based gas will lower the cost of turning green by allowing households to keep their existing boilers.

He also claims that the cost of constructing gas mills is substantially lower than the cost of installing heat pumps.

He stated, ” “Switching to green gas would alter the rural economy, resulting in the creation of tens of thousands of long-term farming jobs once EU subsidies expire.

“If we get it right, the green economy has a lot to offer us: zero carbon emissions, long-term sustainable jobs and industries, diversification from old to new, and making place for nature.”

He continued, ” “The beauty of our green gas is that it allows business to continue as usual. We don’t need to make any changes to the gas distribution system.

“More importantly, consumers will not have to replace any of their home appliances.”


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