Green Britain: How 25 Britons are helping to make the country more environmentally friendly


Green Britain: How 25 Britons are helping to make the country more environmentally friendly

SAVING THE PLANET has moved to the top of the political agenda, competing for Boris Johnson’s attention with the Covid issue.

Despite the Government’s green initiatives, Britain and the rest of the globe still have a long way to go in combating climate change, reducing pollution, and reversing alarming decreases in flora and wildlife.

As Mr Johnson prepares to host the COP26 climate meeting in Glasgow in November, pressure is mounting on him to follow through on his promise to lead the world into a new Green Industrial Revolution.

The Daily Express has compiled a list of the UK’s most powerful environmentalists. They are either pressuring the government to become green faster, or they are in government, balancing the problem with other demands.

And they, along with the many significant players who have been left out of the green elite, deserve your support.

Boris Johnson got him to speak to the G7 leaders last month to urge them to lead the world in battling climate change, thanks to his TV documentaries. When he speaks now, at the age of 95, the world listens — but tragically, it does not always act.

He is a longtime environmentalist who practices what he preaches by becoming organic at his Gloucestershire property, Highgrove. His efforts to prevent albatrosses from being drowned by trawlers have resulted in a reduction in death rates. He’s utilized his connections to ministries and world leaders to hammer home his environmental message.

WILLIAM has announced the £50 million Earthshot Prize, which aims to develop long-term solutions to the environmental challenge over the next ten years.

Large-scale wind and solar power were pioneered by the company. Ecotricity, a £250 million company with 185,000 consumers, was founded by him. He is a co-founder of the Green Britain Needs You initiative, which is sponsored by the Daily Express.

He was a trailblazing Tory Environment Secretary as John Gummer. Now the head of the Climate Change Committee, he advises the government on climate change, which the committee claims is outpacing Britain’s efforts to cope since the government has failed to produce a “realistic plan” to adapt to harsh weather.

Her 60-year study of chimps in Tanzania made her famous.

She discovered that chimps construct and use tools to get at food, which was one of her many findings. She frequently emphasizes the importance of the globe protecting nature.

WROTE FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL, but is now on a crusade to green the global pensions sector. His Make My Money Count crusade has a lot of support. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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