‘Greedy cry infants!’ says the narrator. A furious fisherman claims that, thanks to the French, the UK’s seas will be depleted in five years.


BRITISH WATERS will be empty in “five years” if the “greedy” French are granted more fishing licences to pillage UK fishing zones post-Brexit, according to a furious Jersey fisherman.

Paul Bizec, the director of the Jersey Fishermen’s Association, told GB News the situation has become dire for Jersey fishermen as France has demanded the UK give them a further 75 fishing boat licences on top of the 100 already in French fisherman hands. The comments come amid a ferocious post-Brexit row which has led to French politicians threatening to cut the power supply to Jersey.

Mr Bizec warned: “We won’t have an industry in five years because the French are just so greedy!”

He slammed how “they want all our waters” as they continue to demand more and more access to UK fishing spots despite new post-Brexit rules being brought in to take control of the access French boats have.

The desperate fisherman went on to claim how Jersey fishermen have “never had more than 70-vessels before”.

But the French, he claimed, are “trying to get a total of 140 to 200” as he laid down his argument to keep them out of Britain’s waters despite the ferocious reactions which could follow.

He speculated how with every rule placed on them to limit their fishing activity “they are going to cry like babies” as he explained how the fishing row has spun out of control.

Mr Bizec went on to slam how “all the time” the French “will cry to try and benefit themselves”.

The chaos follows new post-Brexit rules in the Withdrawal Agreement that state fishermen have to prove they have already fished in British waters before Brexit to be granted a licence in the 6- to 12-nautical-mile zone of Britain’s waters, but many are not submitting the correct documents or simply following the correct procedures.

Tensions over the licence row took a new turn last Wednesday when French Prime Minister Jean Castex slammed the UK are threatening “bi-lateral relations” with the dispute as he argued they don’t give the French enough passes as agreed in the Withdrawal Agreement.

Red-faced Mr Castex screamed “Great Britain does not respect its own signature” before adding how France “will question all of the agreements reached under the supervision of the European Union” as he threatened to drag Britain to the European. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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