Greece wildfires: The inferno rages on as a fireman perishes and residents evacuate.


Greece wildfires: The inferno rages on as a fireman perishes and residents evacuate.

WILDFIRES in Greece have spread unchecked and killed two people, prompting the evacuation of six areas.

A falling power pole killed a volunteer firefighter, 38, in Athens.

154 fires are burning around the country, and firefighters are battling them.

The fiercest fires are in the capital’s northern reaches, prompting inhabitants to abandon their houses.

The island of Evia, as well as places surrounding the ancient Olympia – site of the first Olympic games – are engulfed in flames.

Nikos Hardalias, a government minister, told the BBC, “We are facing another, more tough night.”

“With unprecedented severity and spread of wildfires, all of our soldiers, along with volunteers, are waging the battle day and night to save lives.”

The unstable winds that are blowing across the country are exacerbating the wildfires.

As the wildfires rage on, tens of thousands of people in and around Athens have been asked to flee their homes.

The president of the Athens Chamber of Commerce, Konstantinos Michalos, was the second person killed in the fire.

Another 20 persons are said to have been injured.

The coastguard has evacuated 650 residents from the island of Evia via boat.

The fires have been burning for the fourth day, following a week-long heat wave that was the country’s worst in 30 years.

The blaze started on Tuesday, with flames engulfing the motorway that connects Athens and northern Greece.

“We are experiencing a historic tragedy, and climate change is the root cause,” said Alexis Tsipras, the head of Greece’s main political opposition.

“We must stand with our frontline warriors and all those who have lost a lifetime’s worth of effort in a matter of minutes.”

Many of the neighboring countries have also been ravaged by severe wildfires.

Tens of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes as a result of the catastrophic flames in Turkey.


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