Grandchildren are inspired by Michael Middleton’s climb of Mont Blanc with Kate and Pippa.


Grandchildren are inspired by Michael Middleton’s climb of Mont Blanc with Kate and Pippa.

MICHAEL MIDDLETON and Kate ascended Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in the Alps, to the summit.

He ascended with Pippa, Carole, and Arthur again a few years later, this time reaching the first hut before letting his children go ahead. Pippa, 37, claimed her parents “influenced” her “passion of mountain walking,” and her memory of Mont Blanc shed light on their influence.

The mother of two penned a blog article for Hoka One One, an athletic shoe company.

“One day, like I was lucky enough to experience as a child, my desire would be to participate in an athletic challenge or epic adventure with my own children,” she said.

“When my brother and I ascended Mont Blanc, my parents encouraged us to walk in the mountains and both joined us at the first chalet (my father summited it with my sister a few years before).

“It would bring me tremendous delight if my children could experience the joy, joys, and travels that I have had via running, sport, and fitness.”

Michael, 72, and Carole, 66, both share a “passion for walking.”

In an interview with Hello! magazine, Pippa spoke on how her healthy habits influenced her children.

“Family life and parenthood have claimed much of my spare time in recent years, and unexpectedly, the tasks I thrived on have taken a second seat,” she said.

“Running and exercise are still part of my weekly regimen, but not to the extent that they were previously.”

Pippa’s two pregnancies were made easier by her early understanding of the significance of being active.

She claims that keeping in good physical shape allows her to have a “mental and emotional reset.”

“I believe my running has been more focused on babies and toddlers than crossing finish lines, which is OK by me — for now!” she explained.


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