Grandad gets a £120 fine for driving in a Clean Air Zone that’s 145 miles away.’


Grandad was fined £120 for driving in a Clean Air Zone that was ‘145 miles away.’

A GRANDAD was perplexed after receiving a fine for driving in a Clean Air Zone, despite the fact that he claimed to be 145 miles away at the time.

Philip Morton received a letter on December 10th stating that his vehicle had been stopped in Hall Street, Birmingham city centre, just before 8.55 a.m.

The 73-year-old, on the other hand, claims he was getting ready to see his eight-year-old grandson perform in his Hampshire school’s nativity play.

When he looked at the photographic evidence, he became even more perplexed.

He claims this was due to the fact that the car in question was a red Corsa, not his grey Antara.

Mr Morton believes his number plate was misread by the traffic camera, resulting in the £120 fine.

He believes the camera misread the letters O and D on his license plate.

The grandfather of five has stated that he will contest the fine.

“Surely there’s something wrong with the system if cars are being picked up that aren’t even in the city at the time,” he said.

On December 31, the PCN (penalty charge notice) was delivered to the retired bank employee.

“It was on the standard printed form saying that my vehicle’s registration number was in the zone on December 10 at 8.54am on Hall Street, in Great Hampton Row,” he told Birmingham Mail.

“At first, I thought my car registration had been cloned, but after going to the council website and entering the PCN and registration, I discovered it was a red Vauxhall Corsa.”

Mr Morton went on to say that he couldn’t figure out what car was in the image that accompanied the PCN.

“The photograph they sent was really incomprehensible; it was black and white and small,” he said.

“The camera had read the number plate incorrectly – it’s the same registration except for one letter,” Mr Morton continued.

“The ‘D’ had been misread as an ‘O.'”

“I submitted my case saying they got it wrong,” Mr Morton continued, “but looking online, there appear to be many other cases where the cameras have failed to do their job.”

“Despite the fact that I was at home in Hampshire on the day in question, I am now expected to demonstrate that the system is flawed.”

“The council is aware of this case and is responding,” a Birmingham City Council spokesperson told this website.

“If a driver has the impression that they.

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