Gran was enraged after being arrested at a GP practice when she ‘begged to see a doctor.’


Gran was enraged after being arrested at a GP practice when she ‘begged to see a doctor.’

A GRANDDAUGHTER is “very distraught” after being arrested and handcuffed at a GP’s office after pleading to see her doctor over painkillers.

Karen Hemmingway, 59, went to West Heath Surgery in south Birmingham for new pain relievers for a long-term knee issue. Karen, who is crippled and uses a cane, claims she was told she couldn’t have soluble medicines given to her.

And the grandmother of two claims that when she persisted on seeing a doctor, the cops were summoned, and she was arrested and handcuffed.

Ms Hemmingway has since been released from custody, according to Birmingham Live, but she is still enraged by her treatment.

“I’m astonished and outraged at how I’ve been treated. I didn’t lose my cool or scream at all. Ms Hemmingway, a former NHS phlebotomist, said she couldn’t leave since she didn’t have any medications and wanted to speak to a doctor.

“I just said, ‘I’ll just sit there, but please let me speak to a doctor,'” she explained.

“I didn’t believe for a second that they’d contact the cops.

“I knew I’d be in a lot of agony throughout the weekend if I couldn’t take my painkillers.”

My treatment has astounded and angered me. I didn’t lose my cool or scream at all.

Karen Hemmingway is a novelist and poet.

However, the surgeon claims it contacted the cops because Ms. Hemmingway was filming in the office and refused to stop, while West Midlands Police said she had allegedly “been arguing with personnel.”

Ms Hemmingway is still seeking an apology from the surgery, which was given a Good rating by the Care Quality Commission.

“I am quite traumatized by being treated in this manner, especially when all I wanted was my medication,” she stated. I’ve never been arrested in my life.

“I felt humiliated and molested in the extreme.

“I was informed that if I didn’t leave, the cops would come.

“I argued, respectfully, that I needed to see a doctor at the very least.

“I said I really need to see a doctor because I’m in a lot of pain and don’t have any left,” she explained. ‘Well, until you leave, we’ll call the cops,’ they added.

“I didn’t believe they would, but then the cops showed there, handcuffed me, and loaded me into the back of a cop car.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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