Gov’t forces seize military camp from Houthi rebels in southern Yemen


ADEN, Yemen, May 22 (Xinhua) — Yemen’s government forces on Wednesday seized a military camp from the Houthi rebels in the southern province of al-Dhalea, a government official told Xinhua.

The government forces, backed by local fighters, launched a well-planned operation and succeeded in expelling the Houthis out of the military camp located in the northwestern part of al-Dhalea, the official said on condition of anonymity.

Several pro-government army units participated in the anti-Houthi operation which ended up in seizing full control over Alalah military camp and driving out the rebels from the area, he added.

Fierce battles are still going on near Qataba district amid intensified airstrikes launched by the Saudi-led coalition, leaving an unspecified number of deaths and injuries, the source noted.

Meanwhile, the government forces confirmed in a statement that a strategic mountain and villages located in the northwestern parts of al-Dhalea were seized back from the Houthis on Wednesday.

Two senior field commanders of the Houthi group were killed in the battles, the statement said.

Last week, the government forces succeeded in seizing full control over Qataba and the surrounding areas following a large military campaign that left scores of rebels killed or injured.

Both warring sides continued to mobilize large numbers of fighters to the frontlines in al-Dhalea amid armed confrontations which have lasted for weeks in the government-controlled province.

The areas in the north and west of al-Dhalea have witnessed continuous fighting between government forces and Houthi fighters for four years.

Yemen has been plagued by a civil war since late 2014 after Houthi rebels revolted and forced the internationally-recognized government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi into exile.

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