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Government urged to scrap VAT on all school uniforms to give parents a Brexit bonus

MINISTERS have been urged to give parents a Brexit bonus – by scrapping VAT on all school uniforms.

Shoes and clothes for under-14s are all exempt from the tax but EU rules mean the 20 per cent levy must be slapped on items meant for older children.

Parents across the UK spend an average of £340 a year on uniforms for each secondary school pupil but the government can lift it once Britain breaks free on December 31.

A new report by the Schoolwear Association calls for school uniforms for children up to the age of 18 to to be exempt.

The report says: “School uniforms are essential items of clothing for millions of children across the country.

“Government should use the next Finance Bill to exempt school uniform from VAT and help keep unnecessary costs down for families.”

Matthew Easter, managing director of Trutex said: “School uniform plays an enormously important role in schools.

“They are a social leveller, reduce bullying, promote pride and boost academic performance.

“The financial situation of many families has taken a hit because of coronavirus.

“Exempting VAT on school uniforms for all children until they leave school would help many families across the country.”

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