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Government spent £24,000 of taxpayers’ money on 5ft wall made out of 13,000 white Lego bricks

A LEGO wall artwork for a government office cost taxpayers £24,000.

The 5ft piece — called White Wall 25 — consists of 13,000 bricks.

For the same price, officials at the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport could have bought 141 Lego sets of the Palace of Westminster, priced at £169.99 each

The Lego wall, installed last year, was created by Michael Wilkinson, 54, who specialises in toy brick artworks.

He has made other walls of white and black Lego — described by one art gallery as “monoliths”.

But in 2005, an art critic slammed one of his exhibitions as “weak and feeble”.

White Wall 25 is part of the Government Art Collection, administered by the department.

The collection’s artworks are used to decorate major government buildings in the UK and abroad and to promote British art, culture and history.

Last year, the collection spent £432,000 on art — up eight per cent from £401,000 in 2018.

Other purchases included a painting by Denzil Forrester for the UK Consul General’s official residence in New York.

The artwork, called Family Living, cost taxpayers £107,250.

James Roberts of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “Pointless purchases like this will drive taxpayers up the wall.

“Bureaucrats should not be blowing thousands on children’s building toys.”

The department said: “The GAC helps promote the creativity of British art and culture at home and around the world.

“All acquisitions are made following consultation with and the approval of an independent expert panel.”

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