Government advisers warn that global warming is exceeding Britain’s ability to respond.


Government advisers warn that global warming is exceeding Britain’s ability to respond.

The Government’s climate consultants welcomed the Daily Express’s eco-campaign yesterday, warning that global warming is overtaking Britain’s ability to cope.

The Government has failed to produce a “practical plan” to adapt to climate change, according to the Climate Change Committee. This could jeopardize Boris Johnson’s goal of achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050, when all greenhouse gas emissions must be eradicated or compensated by tree planting. “If we do not act now, it will be too late,” warned Baroness Brown, chairman of the CCC Adaptation Committee, during the launch of the 1,500-page study.

The research came out just two days after the G7 summit in Cornwall vowed to work together to combat climate change.

Mr Johnson will host the Cop26 Climate Summit in Glasgow in November.

Markus Rex, the leader of a year-long Arctic expedition, cautioned Thursday that we may have reached the tipping point of irreversible global warming, with catastrophic consequences for the Earth.

“Only the next few years will determine whether we can still save Arctic sea ice all year through climate protection or whether we have already crossed this key climate system tipping point,” he said.

The CCC, on the other hand, praised the Daily Express’ Green Britain Needs You campaign for exposing government contradictions and working to provide greater room for wildlife.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has been requested to decrease VAT to zero on products with zero or near-zero emissions as part of our Zero for Zero campaign with eco-entrepreneur Dale Vince.

Currently, new electric automobiles are subject to the same 20% VAT as gasoline and diesel vehicles.

Solar panels are subject to a 20% VAT, but burning coal or gas at home is only subject to a 5% VAT.

Refurbishing or insulating your home will cost you 20% VAT, however building a new one would cost you nothing.

We’re also pleading with the government, corporations, and individuals to provide more room for nature.

We’re raising money with our readers to help the RSPB purchase Horse Common in the New Forest, a wildlife reserve.

“It is wonderful that the Daily Express is highlighting the disparities in the Government approach,” CCC chief executive Chris Stark said.

“We’re in the same boat. They run through what the government is trying to accomplish in terms of climate and the environment.

“Recently, the government has made a lot of climate-related promises. It’s nice to have such lofty goals, but we’re not seeing any.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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