‘Gove has too much power,’ says cabinet member on vaccine passports for nightclubs.


‘Gove has too much power,’ says cabinet member on vaccine passports for nightclubs.

According to accounts, a majority of ministers oppose vaccine passports for nightclubs. Many of them thought the idea, which would require teenagers to provide proof of double vaccination in order to enter nightclubs, was “unworkable.”

However, it was alleged that Michael Gove, who was chairing a major Cabinet meeting on the subject, decided to “go with the minority view.” Boris Johnson declared at a news conference shortly after the meeting that by the end of September, he intended to “make complete vaccination the condition of access to nightclubs and other facilities where huge people gather.” Vaccine passports have received widespread support in public opinion polls, and proponents say that they will allow venues to open more safely.

However, others have questioned if requiring vaccination as a condition of access to venues isn’t a form of compulsion.

Ministers are now debating whether Mr Gove, the Duke of Lancaster’s Chancellor, wields too much influence.

Mr Gove convened a Cabinet committee meeting on the subject, according to one ministerial source. According to the source, Business Minister Paul Scully, whose portfolio includes nightclubs, was approached first for his opinion on the passport plan, which he termed as “unworkable.”

Health Secretary Sajid Javid and Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey are thought to be in favor of this. Kwasi Kwarteng, the Business Secretary, was also present at the meeting but is said to have gone early.

According to the source, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps claimed that the passports would encourage young people to get the vaccine, and Mr Gove concluded, “I will go with the minority position.”

“It was almost as though it didn’t matter what we all said, and Gove had already made up his mind,” a senior minister stated.

“He wields much too much power,” a source close to Mr Gove maintained, insisting that he was acting on behalf of the Prime Minister and that other ministers agreed with his position on the vaccine passports. “Others were in favor, and Michael was acting on a direct No 10 steer,” the person claimed.

“Policy was also revealed by the Prime Minister during a press conference.” In addition to nightclub passports, the government was considering making university courses conditional on vaccination. However, these ideas were abandoned last week.

The conflict arose as a result of ongoing fears that young people are being exploited. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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