‘Got you your own throne,’ Princess Anne joked of Charles’ future role.


‘Got you your own throne,’ Princess Anne joked of Charles’ future role.

PRINCESS ANNE once made a remark about her brother Prince Charles’ role as a future monarch after buying him a toilet seat, according to newly discovered documents.

The royals are notorious for their opulence, with acre upon acre of land, opulent palaces all across the kingdom, and the ability to throw parties and special occasions like no other family in the world. However, the Queen has taught members of the Firm not to go overboard when it comes to buying gifts for one another, and if they do, Her Majesty frequently chastises them. The 95-year-old, who will mark 70 years on the throne next year, encourages them to have fun with their gift-giving, especially at Christmas.

And this was demonstrated one year when Anne, who is famed for her wit and keen tongue, sent her eldest brother Charles a gift that made the royals laugh.

“Gag gifts” are a particular favorite, according to Channel 4’s ‘A Very Royal Christmas: Sandringham Secrets’ documentary.

“If you can produce anything that is tongue in cheek, and will have the Queen chuckling, then you’ve truly done well that Christmas,” royal correspondent Katie Nicholl said in the program.

“The more kitsch, the better,” says the author.

“There’s nothing extravagant, tremendously expensive, or lavish that the Queen doesn’t like.”

Former royal butler Paul Burrell, who claimed the “royals love lavatorial humour,” was among those who witnessed some of the humorous gifts exchanged.

Anne chose to present Charles, the next in line to the throne, a toilet seat in accordance with the Queen’s wishes for novelty or useful gifts to make people laugh on Christmas Day.

“It’s the public school upbringing,” Mr Burrell continued, “and why wouldn’t Prince Charles appreciate a white, leather loo seat from his sister Anne?”

Dickie Arbiter, the former royal press secretary, also stated why this present was especially fitting for Charles.

“What did we name the loo back in the day?” he asked. It’s what we’d call the throne.

“Go ahead and take a seat on the throne.

“Buying a leather-bound loo seat was Princess Anne’s way of saying, ‘Here you are, you have your own personal throne.’”

The toilet seat could also be a response to reports that Charles like to bring his own toilet seat wherever he goes.

However, he was questioned about this on the radio. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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