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Gordon Ramsay BLASTS American woman for MICROWAVED fish and chips

An American mother-of-three who has horrified Britons with her how-to videos on making tea, scrambled eggs and beans on toast has attracted the ire of Gordon Ramsay with her latest cookery demonstration.

Michelle who is originally from North Carolina but currently living in the UK, shared her method for make traditional fish and chips, using root beer, egg yolk and sugar, with her 205,000 TikTok followers. 

Unimpressed by her latest creation, made in the microwave, TV chef Gordon Ramsay filmed his reaction to the recipe saying: ‘You’ve lost the plot. You’ve never been to Britain.’ 

It follows the video she uploaded for how to make ‘hot tea’ that sparked horror among social media users around the world. 

Michelle began her tutorial by advising her followers to visit a ‘local watering hole’ to find a fish. She then proceeded to pick up a random dead fish laying on the seaside and branded it ‘cod’.

Placing the fish under a tap of running water, the mother-of-three explained the importance of cleaning your fish and proceeded to prepare it without descaling or cutting up the fish. 

Gordon was stunned by her method, and said ‘but you’ve left the head on’.

Michelle then began to make the batter for her fish by combining flour, egg, sugar, salt, pepper and root beer.  

Showing a close up of the batter, she said: ‘Your batter should be thick. You want to coat your fish.’ 

Shocked Gordon argued: ‘Oh my god, no flour. Stop it’ 

‘Salt and pepper your plate for seasoning. Bring your fish over to your plate,’ Michelle continued, before placing the dish in the microwave for 20 minutes.

She then demonstrated how to peel and cut potatoes for chips and proudly showed her finished cooking.

Social media users were left in hysterics by Gordon Ramsay’s commentary on the tutorial, admitting they’re surprised he managed to speak without swearing.

The TV chef who has started his own challenge #RamsayReacts, shared his own recipe for how to make fish and chips on YouTube earlier this year.  

One person wrote: ‘Gordon Ramsay let’s me honest you held in a few things you were going to say.’

‘We need to congratulate him for not swearing,’ another said.

A third added: ‘You know it’s bad if Gordon Ramsay reviewed it and said you’ve never been to Britain.’

Others dubbed the recipe a ‘crime against food’ and said the dish is worse than her attempt at making tea.

One person wrote: ‘I’ve never been to England but I can tell what fish and chips are, and this lady isn’t doing it.’

‘As a British person this hurts more than wrong tea,’ another said.  

A third added: ‘Please can the person make British food normally, it hurts my head watching it.’ 

It comes after Michelle went viral after posting her take on ‘British eggs’, mixed with sugar and topped with a gluttonous amount of whipped cream, as well as the infamous hot tea video she made with her daughter. 

First, they filled a mug about two thirds of the way with water from the sink. They microwaved the water for a minute, then poured in milk to fill the last third of the cup.

Her daughter then dropped in a tea bag and sprinkled quite a lot of sugar into the already nearly-overflowing mug.

She also horrified viewers by makingn beans on toast with untoasted bread, topped with the contents of an entire can and a slice of processed cheese, which she then popped in the microwave. 

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