Gordon Brown criticizes the SNP’s “extreme” independence agenda ahead of a vote in 2022.


Gordon Brown criticizes the SNP’s “extreme” independence agenda ahead of a vote in 2022.

GORDON Brown stated the SNP’s intentions for independence are “more extremist” now than they were in 2014, as a top nationalist predicted a vote within the next year.

A referendum might take place as early as Autumn 2022, according to Andrew Wilson, the chair of the SNP Growth Commission.

The timeline is a few months ahead of Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s deadline of the end of 2023.

Mr Wilson, an economist who advises Ms Sturgeon, said on Scotland’s choice podcast: “Fingers crossed, but let’s assume there’s an independence referendum next autumn or the autumn after that.”

“I have no idea when it will be, but assuming it is successful, it will be around two years before we are formally independent.”

However, speaking at the Edinburgh Book Festival this weekend, the former UK Prime Minister said that, as things stand, “the argument for cooperation seemed to me to be greater.”

“Nationalism is about ‘us versus them,’ it is about seeing the world divided in two, between us and them,” he continued.

“That is a nationalist ideology,” says the speaker. That is the essence of nationalism.”

Mr Brown also attacked the SNP’s ambitions for a Scottish currency and membership in the EU, which the party expects to achieve within a few years following independence.

At this year’s conference, the SNP decided to replace the pound with a distinct Scottish currency “as soon as practical.”

“What has happened since 2014 – and I don’t believe it’s completely got through – the Scottish National Party platform in 2014 was for a version of independence that didn’t include a different currency, and didn’t involve them leaving the British customs union and single market,” the Labour politician explained.

“So the SNP reassured people in 2014 that they would keep the currency and that they would stay in the British common market, the British single market, and that there would be no need for a border in terms of trade. That is no longer their policy.

“As a result, we now have a more extreme stance for a separate pound, for leaving the single market and customs union.”

“As we recover from the epidemic, the last thing Scotland needs is a nationalist coalition of chaos pursuing a divisive independence referendum,” said Donald Cameron MSP, Scottish Conservative Constitution spokesperson.

“Anyone advocating for another referendum as soon as next year is extremely risky.

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