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Googlebox’s Sophie Sandiford unrecognisable in racy frontless dress before night out

GOGGLEBOX star Sophie Sandiford is instantly recognisable to millions of viewers in a jumper and clutching a mug of tea.

But the 24-year-old TV favourite looked very different last night as she put on a glam frontless dress and headed off for a night on the town.

Sophie posed for a picture with one hand resting, in true Instagram style, on the wall while the other held a can of pink gin.

She joked: “Not even 8 and already holding the wall🙄🥴.”

The star shot to fame from the armchair of her Blackpool home, commenting on the week’s TV with sarcastic brother Pete.

The Sandifords, who have been on the show since 2018, are practically Googlebox royalty these days, alongside the Malones and caravan duo Jenny and Lee.

And the Gogglebox family were quick to compliment Sophie’s outfit in the comments on Instagram after she posted the shot.

Leeds-based Izzi Warner wrote: “Stunning 😍🔥💖” while her sister Ellie added: “Wowzer 😍😍😍.”

Another fan remarked: “Rocking that cleavage. Love the dress and hair.”

While many shows tumbled off air during the coronavirus lockdown, Gogglebox managed to keep going thanks to it’s home-made nature, making its participants bigger stars than ever.

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