Google Maps reveals Brit university’s HUGE mistake with campus – can you spot it?

GOOGLE Maps has revealed a huge design flaw in the design of a British university campus – with many claiming it looks like a penis from above. 

Birmingham University opened its Dubai campus in 2017, joining other top unis such as Nottingham and Manchester in having a campus overseas.

But eagle-eyed readers have noticed something a bit odd about its design – declaring its resemblance to a male member online. 

Dr Helen Ingram, a member of staff at Birmingham University, was first to highlight the issue. 

She wrote on Twitter: “Umm guys, did anyone check the layout of the Birmingham Uni Dubai campus before they approved it?!” 


BALLS UP: The embarrassing blunder was pointed out online

One user responded: “That is hilarious. What on earth were they thinking?” 

Another simply added: “It’s shaped like a c**k.” 

Earlier this week, Daily Star Online revealed how Google Maps users had discovered terrifying ghostly characters in a Texas graveyard. 

The clip was shared on YouTube channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0. 

Daily Star Online has approached the University of Birmingham for comment. 


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