Google isn’t operating properly: Is Google down, and when will it reappear?


GOOGLE users claimed they were unable to access the services this morning – but was Google down and if so, when will it be back up?

Reports on flagship internet tracker Downdetector shows some users had trouble accessing the internet’s most used search website google early this morning. Outages for major websites have been common in recent weeks, with Facebook and Instagram both down for several hours last week.

More than 65 reports of Google being down have been highlighted to Downdetector this morning so far, with users reporting problems shortly after 8.20am this morning.

Of those who have reported, 78 percent said they have issues accessing

Another 17 percent could not access search results, and 12 percent said they could not log in to Google services.

Google has confirmed, however, that no outages occurred in the UK today.

Reports on Downdetector do not always indicate a mass outage. In fact, it may just mean a few people have had issues with their broadband or device.

In the last 24 hours, a major outage in India saw users unable to send or receive emails.

Downdetector found 68 percent of users who reported issues have problems with Gmail.

A further 18 percent reported server problems and another 14 percent users were facing login issues.

Major websites, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, have suffered significant outages in recent weeks.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company blamed an internal technical issue, which not only affected Facebook’s services, but reportedly also employees’ work passes and email.

The services were down from about 16:00 GMT until roughly 22.00 on Monday, October 5.

Downdetector said there were some 10.6 million problem reports around the world.


According to the business website Fortune, the outage Facebook founder Mr Zuckerberg an estimated $6bn (£4.4bn) at one point as shares plummeted.

There were reports of “mayhem” at the Facebook headquarters, as technicians rushed to fix the issues.

Some 3.5 billion people use Facebook’s services worldwide.

Website outages are uncommon, but when sites do go down it can cause mayhem, especially when essential news services go down.


In June 2021 a massive server outage took down several news and shopping websites, including the Guardian, Amazon, Reddit, and GOV.UK.

The last time Google suffered large outages was in 2020.

On August 20, 2020, over a period of approximately six hours, a global outage abruptly disrupted Google’s suite of services, including Gmail,. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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