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Golden retriever tries to fetch a ball but is scared of the ocean

This is the comical moment a golden retriever desperately tries to fetch his ball from the shore despite his fears of the sea. 

Footage captured by owner Allissa Crea, 32, from New York, shows her pet Hudson, who was on his first-ever outing to Long Beach Island in New Jersey, try to pluck up the courage to retrieve his ball as the waves splash onto the shore.

The nervous canine, who is two years old, carefully approaches the shoreline and tries to make a grab for his ball before stepping back when the waves approach.

Hudson eventually manages to grab the ball in his teeth before running back to Ms Crea.

The clip starts with the dog crouching down as it cautiously approaches the white ball which sits on the wet sand.

However as the waves come in the dog takes a few steps back and watches helplessly as the seawater washes over the ball.

Refusing to be deterred, Hudson approaches the shoreline once more and manages to grab hold of the ball before running back to his owner.

Following the comical scenes, Ms Crea said: ‘Hudson, is an outgoing and energetic dog and absolutely loves being around people.’ 

‘Hudson loves to fetch but prefers actually making us fetch. He’ll take his ball on a hill and roll it to us, or he’ll drop it in the pool and make us get it for him’.

‘It was his first time at the beach and he had never encountered waves before. He loves to swim in pools, but the waves made him nervous. His ball rolled towards the water and the rest is history.’

Ms Crea added that the dog had now managed to overcome his fear of the waves and couldn’t get enough of the sea.

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