‘Going to get trounced again!’ says a voter of Keir Starmer’s Labour Conference address.


‘Going to get trounced again!’ says a voter of Keir Starmer’s Labour Conference address.

KEIR STARMER has been slammed on LBC after a caller claimed that after listening to the Labour leader’s conference speech in Brighton, the party is “about to be trounced again.”

Following criticism of his leadership defining conference address on LBC, Keir Starmer has been warned that Labour is “likely to be thrashed again.” A listener called the radio station to talk about the speech with host Eddie Mair. Bob stated that the Labour leader had spent too much time talking about himself and not enough time talking about new plans. Sir Keir, he went on to say, was only biding his time until the next general election.

“I am very much with the masses at the moment in that everyone was a little bit bewildered with his stance on the stage in that there wasn’t much coming back,” Bob from Twickenham told LBC.

“I felt like it was going to be a little bit of This Is Your Life at one point, with Michael Parkison showing up and giving him a little more feed on his life.”

“I mean, we didn’t need to hear all of that, but I realize that we need to know where this person comes from.”

“However, we have waited 17 months to hear what Keir Starmer has to say and have received no response.”

“Absolutely nothing, and everyone says there will be a hung Parliament, that’s all it is, it’s just biding their time till they’ll be trounced once more.”

“Because nothing I heard made me feel like I could go into labor.”

“There was no…he was just talking about Boris the whole time, and he was yelling at him.”

“I mean, throw it out the window and start listening to his policies and what he’s actually going to do.”

After a low-key convention in Brighton, England, he hoped to use his closing speech to prove Labour was “back in business” after the party’s worst election setback since 1935 in 2019.

He said Johnson’s Conservatives were unfit to rule because of a series of crises and errors over COVID-19 and the fuel issue. “Either get a grip or. “Brinkwire Summary News,” he informed the prime minister.


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