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Go suck a WHAT? The Bachelor’s Roxi Kenny unleashes a foul-mouthed tirade

There was a major editing fail during Thursday night’s episode of The Bachelor.

During an intense gridiron game to impress hunky Locky Gilbert, Roxi Kenny revealed her competitive nature and foul mouth.

After Charley Bond tackled Roxi, 29, to the ground, the tattooed bombshell was hell-bent on revenge.

‘Charley is very confident standing next to Locky, and I’m, like, tense and I’m irritated and I’m not happy,’ she said in a straight-to-camera piece.

‘I want to tackle Charley just as hard as she tackled me. It’s, like, “Go suck a d**k, mate,”‘ she added, without the vulgar phrase being beeped out.

The hit Channel 10 dating show is shown in the very family-friendly 7.30pm time slot.

Meanwhile, an earlier scene with Areeba Emmanuel swearing was edited to remove the F-bomb.

However, fans of the show didn’t seem to mind and rushed to Twitter to support Roxi’s sassy attitude.

‘[This] is the best reaction to anything on this show ever,’ commented one enthusiastic viewer. 

‘My new slogan for 2020,’ added a second fan, before a third quipped: ‘Exactly what we all want to say.’

However, not everyone was impressed, with one viewer appearing to call Roxi out for her potty mouth. ‘How charming,’ they wrote, with great sarcasm. 

Other viewers weren’t impressed by the sporty group date, admitting they couldn’t think of anything worse.

‘I would rather rip off my own fingernails than play football with a bunch of catty women,’ said one fan.

Another added: ‘Roxi definitely not the type to play a friendly game of family touch football with.’ 

Roxi’s sporting prowess did impress Locky, who picked her as the most valuable player, which scored her precious one-on-one time with the hunky adventure guide.

After turning up the heat by telling Locky she had a racy dream about him, Roxi scored a rose, making her safe at the next ceremony.

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