GMB’s Alex Beresford pokes fun at Meghan Markle critics, saying, “Duchess is keeping people relevant.”


‘The Duchess is keeping people relevant,’ says GMB’s Alex Beresford, referring to Meghan Markle’s detractors.

“Duchess is keeping people relevant,” GMB’s Alex Beresford jokes about Meghan Markle detractors.

Alex Beresford has defended Meghan Markle, saying she “keeps people relevant.”

Meghan Markle, 40, revealed numerous details about her private life as a mother of two during her candid appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Alex Beresford, 41, of Good Morning Britain, poked fun at The Duchess’ critics in a candid tweet today.

Meghan believes her critics would still be talking about her if she had remained silent.

“Meghan Markle could have gone on Ellen and remained silent, and her detractors would still be talking about her today if they had heard her say something,” Alex responded to his 247,000 followers.

“The Duchess communicates with a lot of people.”

Messages for the GMB star flooded in, with some agreeing with Alex.

Twitter user WSen said, “Well said @alexberesfordTV.”

“Yes, exactly,” Janet Mackintosh said.

“Alex, make it louder!! For this tweet, I should have used all caps,” Mc Jim tweeted.

Meghan’s appearance on the Ellen show, which was a topic of discussion on GMB today, prompted his remarks.

Meghan spoke with Ellen DeGeneres, a talk show host in the United States, exactly eight months after her shocking interview with Oprah Winfrey following her departure from the Royal Family.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex traveled to California following their announcement that they would be stepping down as senior royals.

Meghan revealed some information about their children, Archie and Lilibet, who she has chosen to keep private.

They have yet to share a photo of their five-month-old daughter, who was given the nickname after the Queen.

The narrator describes the morning as “tense.”

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[EXCLUSIVE] The Duchess also stated that she and Prince Harry are “happy” in their current residence in America.

She also talked about the difficulties of being a mother and raising two children.

Archie enjoys being Lili’s “big brother,” she said.

“Someone once told H (Harry) and me that having one child is a pastime, but having two children is parenting,” Meghan said.

“Oh right,” we realized, “everyone talks about what it’s like to have a second child, but no one ever talks about how the first child adjusts when the second child arrives.”

“I think they’re having that ‘oh, this’ moment.” Brinkwire Summary News “…


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