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Glastonbury Festival 2019: Kylie Minogue headlines the music event 14 years after cancelling

Kylie Minogue put on a powerful performance as she took to the Pyramid Stage during the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset on Sunday evening. 

During her triumphant 75-minute set, the iconic pop singer, 51, became overwhelmed with emotion as she discussed cancelling her scheduled gig back in 2005 following her breast cancer diagnosis.

The award-winning musician told the crowd: ‘In 2005 I was meant to be here. Circumstances meant that I did not make it. I wished things were different, but life is what it is. We are all together in this moment’. 

Gesturing to the crowd, songstress Kylie expressed how her performance was one of the moments where she ‘realised not only this story but our story. Thirty plus years together’. 

The singer added that 14 years ago, when she missed the festival, she instead watched the music event at home. She explained: ‘Some of the artists covered some of my songs and that is the spirit and gracious nature of Glastonbury.’

Kylie then invited Coldplay star Chris Martin to join her on stage where they performed her hit Can’t Get You Out Of My Head. 

Later into her set, the blonde beauty, who sported a whopping five outfits during her set, treated fans to a surprise duet with fellow Australian singer Nick Cave for a duet of their 1995 track Where The Wild Roses Grow. 

The former Neighbours star then belted a selection of her classic tracks and fresh new singles, featuring Love At First Sight, Especially For You and Locomotion. 

Ensuring all eyes were on her, the music legend power dressed in a sleek custom white suit, a gold fil silk-blend shirt and a gold metal belt by Stella McCartney.

For another head-turning ensemble, Kylie nailed sporty chic in a bright red boiler suit, which she teamed with matching ankle boots for a touch of glamour.

The Spinning Around hitmaker switched in a £50,000 sparkly belted midi dress for her third outfit by Kolchagov Barba and Preciosa Crystals, before rocking a bright red PVC jacket.

For her final outfit, Kylie slipped into a semi-sheer purple ensemble, embellished with frilly sleeves and floral-shaped embroidery.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 36 in May 2005, which led to the withdrawal of the festival, as well as the postponement of her Showgirl – The Greatest Hits Tour. 

The former soap star underwent surgery just weeks after discovering her diagnosis at Victoria’s Cabrini Hospital and started chemotherapy shortly after. 

Kylie completed her treatment, which she described as ‘experiencing a nuclear bomb’, in France, and was given the all-clear in January 2006.

Earlier this month, she discussed her nerves over headlining at Glastonbury. She spoke to Zoe Ball on her BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show, which was broadcast on Friday morning, before she takes to the famous Pyramid Stage. 

She said: ‘I can’t – I just – all I can do is hyperventilate. That’s my answer. What an honour, what an absolute honour to be asked to do this and to share it with so many people. My tiny little mind is going to be absolutely blown. I have no doubt about it.

 ‘I still can’t get over it. I mean, from the moment the words were uttered, I think I’ve been in shock, delight, surprise, anxiety ever since. 

‘It’s excitement, nerves, obviously it’s emotional because of my history and I was, as you’ve mentioned, supposed to play here in 2005. Drama ensued, to put it mildly. 

She continued: ‘So the road to Glastonbury has been long and winding, with some unexpected bumps. Speed bumps! 

‘But I am just, as you said – it’s a big sing along, that’s what I’m hoping for, just a big love fest you know. 

‘And I guess, with 31 years-worth of songs and what’s come to light with the greatest hits album is that it’s all of our histories.’ 

Kylie said that even though she’s headlining, she’s not afraid to walk around the festival, saying: ‘I may let loose afterwards – trust me!’

Zoe said: ‘you’ve still got Sunday night to go absolutely crackers and get lost up at Block 9 or wherever it might be – you may have to wear a disguise of course.’

‘I’ll just put the hood of the cape up,’ she replied. 

Kylie admitted she’s struggling to narrow down all her hits into a 75-minute set. 

She explained: ‘What we decided to do was start with a bang. I mean, normally with a two hour show, you can kind of ease people in and go on a bit of an up and down journey. 

‘I don’t want to give too much away but you know, it’s a party, it’s time to sing along so we’re going to start with that. There’s going to be a little emotional section and then we’re just going to go nuts at the end.’  

Excited viewers took to Twitter in their droves as they commended the star on her youthful-looking appearance, lively display and chart-topping hits.

They wrote: ‘She may be over fifty, but Kylie is still the only woman who makes me doubt my sexuality. #GirlCrush

‘Wondering why Kylie Minogue manages to look so incredibly youthful at 51. Je ne sais pas pourquois ‘How the hell is this woman 51?!!!! Stunning #KylieGlastonbury @kylieminogue

‘31 years later and she still has it… so so so proud x @kylieminogue #KylieGlastonbury. Be coming here for 21 years and Kylie playing All the Lovers was one of the most joyful three minutes I’ve ever witnessed. F*****g magic #glastonbury #kylie #KylieGlastonbury – at Glastonbury Festivals

‘Pure cheesy pop but god I love it #KylieGlastonbury #Glasto. Step Back In Time is an anthem for the history books and I’m willing to fight anyone who says otherwise. #Glastonbury #KylieGlastonbury

‘This #Kylie and Nick Cave moment is going down in #Glasto history right now!’.

Elsewhere at the festival, American music sensation Billie Eilish took to the Other stage.

The confident performer, 17, rocked a bold look in an oversized T-shirt and shorts and an matching face mask.

The ensemble, designed by Stella McCartney, was printed with cartoon dogs in bright turquoise, blue and yellow.

The Ocean Eyes singer also sported white sunglasses and stuck thick black tape across her calves. 

Meanwhile, on the West Holts Stage, Hollywood actor Jeff Goldblum took to the stage with his jazz band The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra.

The Jurassic Park star, 66, who is currently touring the USA with his band made a pit stop at the iconic festival to entertain the crowds.

During the soundcheck, the silver fox flaunted his showmanship credentials as he joked around with a runner – who had popped on stage to confirm something for the technical set-up.

Ahead of starting his set, the crowd showed their excitement by chanting the Jurassic Park theme tune.  

The dapper chap was show ready in a kooky floral shirt and quirky zebra print trousers and looked at ease as he sat down to play the piano.   

The festival, which took place at Worthy Farm between June 26 and 30, saw headline sets from Stormzy, The Killers and The Cure. 

Janet Jackson, Miley Cyrus and Liam Gallagher also took top spots at this year’s event, which is the first to take place since 2017 due to a fallow year. 

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