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Glamorous socialite Jamie Chua, 45, offers a glimpse inside her million-dollar closet

A glamorous socialite from Singapore renowned for her designer bag collection has given fans a look inside her custom-made million-dollar wardrobe, glamorous sitting room and makeup collection. 

Jamie Chua, 45, who has almost 300,000 followers on Youtube, uploaded a number of behind-the-scenes videos showcasing her glamorous lifestyle, which includes frequently jetting off to Paris, Bangkok and Spain.

From choosing a different essential oil to burn in her house every day to having professional lighting set up in various corners of the room to help her take pictures, Ms Chua’s opulent home is a sight to behold.

Ms Chua describes her dressing table as the ‘place she spends most of her time’ and can regularly be found testing out different makeup products, surrounded by freshly delivered roses.

But it’s her wardrobe that is most luxurious, starting with an entire bookcase of Chanel handbags that stands beside her bed.

To enter her walk-in wardrobe you need to type in a special security code, before you’re exposed to her Hermes bag collection, including the $735,000 Himalayan variety, believed to be the largest in the world.

Made with Nilo crocodile hide, the accessory is regarded as ‘the ultimate expression of artistry’ in the elite fashion world.  

‘I like to collect things of value rather than just seasonal. This collection has been amassed over almost 20 years,’ she said.  

Ms Chua has a careful filing system for her Chanel and Balmain jackets, including a Versace one she has had since she was 17.

Ms Chua also collects Dior dresses, Nike sneakers and Cartier jewellery.

The entrepreneur owns more than 300 pairs of shoes which cost an average of $2,000 each. 

Her priciest pair of designer heels are the Christian Louboutin Strass sky-scraping stilettos, retailing at approximately $4,600.  

There is a plush navy chair in the centre of the room for her to ‘sit and think about her outfit for the following day’.

‘This collection may seem very extravagant to you but it took me many years to get to this stage. Never stop working hard, I’m still doing so,’ she said.

Her assortment of makeup is just as lavish, with a combination of high end products like Lancome and By Terry, combined with drugstore items. 

In total she spends $858 on her daily face look, using primer, foundation, eye shadow, concealer and multiple lipsticks to give her an ageless look.

Ms Chua first came into the public eye when she married her now ex-husband Nurdian Cuaca, an Indonesian multi-millionaire and business tycoon, after they met on a Singapore Airlines flight. 

She was working as an air hostess and he was seated in business class. 

Now a skincare entrepreneur and mother of two, the social media star known as Singapore’s Instagram Queen is globally renowned for her stunning collection of clothing, accessories and expensive bags from French luxury fashion house Hermes, which she houses in her cavernous 600 square foot closet.

Speaking to FEMAIL previously, Ms Chua discussed her lifelong passion for quality, how she maintains her age-defying appearance and the pieces she could never part with.

Displaying her discerning taste, Ms Chua said her passion for style comes from a love of quality, not simply ‘fashion for fashion’s sake’.

‘I appreciate good craftsmanship – everything I spend my money on I love to keep for a long, long time. I have runway pieces from 27 years ago that still look brand new! I just love all things beautiful,’ she said. 

To ensure her clothes are kept in pristine condition, the businesswoman invested $120,000 in a 600 square foot wardrobe. 

While Ms Chua said she owns many treasured designer pieces, some hold a particularly special place in her heart.

‘Right now, I love the Hermes Kelly bag in crocodile skin,’ she said.  

‘I have a whole collection of Dolce & Gabbana vintage pieces, mainly bustiers and dresses which I continue to add to every season.’

Ms Chua also loves her limited edition Chanel minaudieres, a style of novelty clutch bags which have been described as ‘wild, wonderful and extremely expensive’.

The most expensive Chanel minaudiere ever made was a pearl-covered seashell from a 2012 collection which retailed at more than $58,000.

Ms Chua loves to dress up for black tie events and owns a $36,500 custom made Rami Kadi jewel encrusted ball gown which weighs 30 kilos.

Speaking about her world-famous wardrobe, Ms Chua said it comes down to functionality. 

‘My love for Hermes goes back a long way,’ she said. 

‘I like how easy it is to use the Birkin and the Kelly [two of the brand’s most expensive and popular styles] compared to other fashion bags. 

‘To me, it’s about practicality and if I have to tug into a bag to find an item, that bag is not for me. I don’t like mess and I like everything very well organised.’

The fashion enthusiast empties each bag after use, stuffing it with it’s original packaging and placing it back in it’s strategic storage spot ‘where it belongs’. 

Ms Chua usually starts her day with a body forming treatment and facial massage which she credits with maintaining her radiantly youthful looks.

The beauty mogul makes her own bath soap and face serums, declaring she cannot live without neroli, lavender and frankincense oils.

In her spare time, Ms Chua enjoys researching colour tones and settings for her travel photos which she shares with her Instagram followers.

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