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Girl tells of heartache after mum, 38, and baby sister, 2, were shot dead by her evil stepdad in jealous rage

A TEEN whose mum and two-year-old sister were shot dead by her crazed stepdad has spoken for the first time about the horrific crime that shocked the nation.

Chelsea Chambers was just ten when her evil stepdad David Oakes 51, tortured and shot her mum Christine, 38, and sibling Shania in a jealous rage.

Oakes blasted himself in the face with a shotgun but survived.

He carried out the murders the night before a custody hearing over Shania in June 2011.

The pair had split a couple of months before, after a turbulent six-year

He went to Christine’s house in Braintree, Essex, with a shotgun, axe, drill
and petrol. The monster ordered terrified Christine to strip and chop off her hair.

Oakes tortured her for several hours, warning her she was going to die.

He then blasted her three times with the shotgun before shooting his daughter in the face.

Chelsea said: “I hated David Oakes from the moment I first saw him and I was right to. He ruined my life.”

The 19-year-old told how they had all been watching Family Guy in her mum’s room when Oakes entered.

She told the Daily Mirror: “He said he was going to kill us all and burn the house down. He had a big duffel bag out of which he pulled his ­shotgun, axe and a can of petrol.

“I grabbed a phone and tried to hide under the bed to call the ­police but he yanked me out and smashed the phone with the barrel of the gun.

“He told Mum to take off her clothes and Shania and I sat on the bed, screaming. He then ordered Mum ­downstairs.”

After getting her sister back to sleep, Chelsea crept to the top of the stairs to hear what was happening below.

She recalled: “I remember thinking we are all going to die and began to cry. Mum came upstairs. She was ­topless with clumps of hair missing and blood coming out of her mouth.

“She held me tight and whispered in my ear to go and get help.

“She said she was proud of me and that she would always love me and would see me soon. Then she went back downstairs.”

Chelsea climbed out of her bedroom window and ran to her dad’s house, which was five minutes away in Braintree.

She said: “It was 3am, I could hardly speak and burst into tears, saying, ‘It’s David. He’s going to kill them.’ Dad rang the police who sent ­officers to Mum’s and to us.

“We were taken to a police station. We waited all night for news. It wasn’t until the next ­morning we were told he’d killed them both. I felt guilty for not waking up Shania. I could have caught her from the bottom and saved her but I was trying to save her and Mum.”

Oakes was convicted of murder in April 2012.

But just four months into his jail sentence, the sadistic monster died of cancer, aged 51.

Chelsea said: “I was furious when I heard that. I wanted him to languish in jail and feel a tenth of the pain and heartache he has caused me, which I will have to live with for the rest of my life.

“I pray that he is rotting in hell.”

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