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Girl, five, floats out to sea on inflatable UNICORN before Greek ferry crew rescue her

A five-year-old girl has been plucked from the ocean after she drifted half a mile from the coast on an inflatable unicorn.

The child floated away from the Greek town of Antirrio in the Gulf of Corith while playing in the water with her parents on Sunday.

The terrified couple called the port authorities and a ferry, named the Salaminomachos, was called to pick the child up.

Footage taken of the rescue showed the child sitting calmly on the colourful inflatable as the ferry approached. 

Reports claimed the girl ‘escaped the parents’ attention’ before she floated out into the sea.

She was scooped up into the arms of one of the ferry’s crew before being safely returned to her parents.

It comes just a fortnight after a six-year-old boy was swept out to sea on an inflatable swan.

Builder Sam McKeeder, from Towyn, said the boy was about 200 metres off the shore at Black Rock Sands in North Wales when he found him face-down and unconscious in the water on August 8.

The grandfather, who was on the beach with his family when he heard the child’s mother shout for help, patted the boy on the back before he threw up and started breathing again.  

‘He was totally unconscious, I turned him around and patted him on his back and then a lot of water and sick came up, and he started breathing again,’ the granddad told North Wales Live. 

The boy’s father had been told to stay onshore by the coast guard while he called 999 and waited for his son with and by the time the boy got to shore there were paramedics waiting for him. 

The boy was given oxygen and airlifted to Ysbyty Gwynedd by a coastguard rescue helicopter.   

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