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Girl, 8, saves mum’s life after spotting signs she was dying from pneumonia

A YOUNG girl saved her mum’s life after spotting signs she was dying from pneumonia.

Smart Holly Bellwood, 8, heard her mum wheezing early one morning and found her lying in bed with blue lips and struggling to breathe.

The eight-year-old called an ambulance to their home in Burrington, Devon, after finding their address on a letter.

Doctors later found both of mum-of-one Emma’s lungs were barely working due to pneumonia she had contracted after a car accident.

Emma told The Sun: “Holly woke me up and I couldn’t talk and I was that out of breath, my oxygen levels were that low.

“She called an ambulance but only knew the first line of the address, so she knew to find a letter for our postcode.

“Not many kids would have handled it. She stayed so calm, she reassured me that an ambulance was on its way.”

Emma developed pneumonia after she injured her back in a car crash and was struggling to take deep breaths.

After Holly’s brave 999 call on 11 October last year, she has dreams of becoming a doctor.

Emma added: “Holly, she saved my life and now wants to be a doctor when she grows up.”

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