Gibraltar talks: The United Kingdom and Spain meet to discuss the post-Brexit sovereignty dispute.


Gibraltar talks: The United Kingdom and Spain meet to discuss the post-Brexit sovereignty dispute.

SPAIN and the United Kingdom have resumed negotiations over Gibraltar, following a meeting in San Roque a few days ago.

Following Brexit, the UK and Spain had a series of negotiations on Wednesday about the island’s relationship with the municipality of Campo de Gibraltar. The first meeting focused on police and customs collaboration, with guests being welcomed by Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix, mayor of San Roque.

The second meeting, which took place on the same day, focused on environmental issues.

The ceremony was opened by Mario Luis González Pliego, head of the Gibraltar Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who thanked the City Council of San Roque for providing the ‘Governor’s Palace’ to both committees for the day.

“I hope and wish that both sessions will be beneficial and that we can continue to share the connections of solidarity between the different cities that make up Campo de Gibraltar and Gibraltar,” Mayor Ruiz Boix stated at the meetings.

“May we all share the spirit of conciliation, agreement, and consensus that has been conveyed to us by the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, who has engaged in dialogue with Gibraltar from the beginning in order for our region to share what he has referred to as an area of shared prosperity.”

“That is the difficulty that the local entities and the region face, and I hope that the British and Gibraltar delegations recognize that as well.”

“It will soon be possible to disclose to the public that agreements have been made, and that the 2018 memorandums will be extended, upgraded, or renewed,” he expressed hope.

“In short, that we can continue to live in Campo de Gibraltar with our Gibraltar neighbors.”

In 2018, the United Kingdom and Spain reached an agreement on Gibraltar-Spanish region relations in a variety of areas, including citizens’ rights, tobacco, the environment, and police and customs cooperation.

Representatives from the European Union, Andalusia, Campo de Gibraltar, and the Government of Gibraltar were present throughout the talks.

The present meetings have been a series of two different conversations between two committees.

The first is the Committee for Police and Customs Cooperation, which met in San Roque on September 29 to examine the environment.

The Committee is the second of the two meetings. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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