‘Get your act together!’ says the narrator. Jenny refuses to talk to Bradley Walsh about her terrible performance.


‘Get your act together!’ says the narrator. Jenny refuses to talk to Bradley Walsh about her terrible performance.

During Thursday’s legendary episode of The Chase, BRADLEY WALSH was quick to call out resident brain-box Jenny “The Vixen” Ryan, as the ITV presenter had some harsh words for her lackluster performance.

During Thursday’s replay of The Chase, Bradley Walsh welcomed contestants Paul, Michael, Jason, and Ceri to the table, each expecting to walk away with some cash. However, expert quizzer Jenny Ryan was on hand to try and stop them, though it’s safe to say she wasn’t quite on her game when it came to first player Ceri. And ITV host Bradley didn’t waste any time in pointing out her errors.

Ceri had made a nice £4,000 in her cash-builder round when she went over to Jenny to see what higher and lower offers she had in store.

Ceri stayed firm with the £4,000 she’d earned, hoping to immediately contribute it to the reward fund with Bradley by her side.

And she succeeded – albeit with a little help from Jenny when she blundered on what Bradley thought was a simple question.

“What?!” When Jenny got one of her responses wrong that Ceri had selected properly, Bradley shouted at her.

Jenny tried to brush off her blunder, but Bradley wasn’t having it, remarking, “You’re having a shocker, sweetheart!”

Bradley’s criticism of Jenny didn’t end there; when Ceri returned to her seat in preparation for the Final Chase, Bradley refused to listen to the Chaser’s input.

Instead, Bradley snarled, “(It’s) no use talking to you.”

“You should get your game together,” he said to Jenny, adding salt to the wound.

Jenny tried to brush off Bradley’s comments, but she continued to stutter in her head-to-head battle with Jason.

Jason, the second player, had only £2,000 in his cash-builder and chose to play for that amount in their match.

He made it back to the last round again again, but this time with the help of Jenny’s blunders.

This was clear when Bradley enquired about the locations of London train stations with Jason.

Bradley quizzed Jason and Jenny on which of the three London train stations, King’s Cross, Waterloo, or London Bridge, was the furthest north.

The right response was King’s Cross. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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