‘Get that into your mind!’ says PMQs live. Boris keeps Starmer quiet about the Covid testing inquiry.


‘Get that into your mind!’ says PMQs live. Boris keeps Starmer quiet about the Covid testing inquiry.

Following queries about his self-isolation at Chequers, BORIS JOHNSON called on his competitor Sir Keir Starmer to finally accept that the UK will eventually go to a Covid test pilot program in the autumn.

Mr Johnson insisted on following protocol during a spat over the Prime Minister’s self-isolation. The Prime Minister also urged everyone who is eligible to be vaccinated to do so, praising the country’s vaccination rollout. Sir Keir was also accused by the Prime Minister of wanting to score political points.

Mr Johnson said the possible plans were basic sense, notwithstanding the danger of introducing Covid cards.

“When it comes to spreading misinformation, the Prime Minister is a super-spreader,” Sir Keir said.

“Why is it OK to go to a nightclub without proof of a vaccine or test for the next six weeks, but only from September will it be OK to get into a nightclub if you have a vaccine ID card?”

“Everyone can see we have to wait until the end of September, when it is only fair to the younger generation, when they will all have received the two jabs, before we consider something like requiring people to be doubled jabbed before entering a nightclub,” he stated.

“That should be self-evident to everyone; it’s common sense.”

This Parliament’s final session will take place on September 6, as MPs will not return until then.

Mr Burgon, commenting on the Prime Minister’s seclusion at Chequers, wonders if he could make ends meet on £96 a week.

Mr Johnson claims that anyone who is self-isolating has access to aid from their local council in extreme cases, as well as a £500 stipend to help them isolate.

Cat Smith, the Member of Parliament for Lancaster and Fleetwood, raises a question on the development charter.

She is adamant that the government is betraying local communities.

“I haven’t heard so many utter cobblers in my life except from the Leader of the Opposition,” the Prime Minister responds.

When asked about the shortage of employees needed to select Cornish tulips and other flowers, the Prime Minister said he will look into the problem.

He said that the EU settlement policy has allowed six million Europeans to remain in the country and work.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” by Stephen Timms, MP for East Ham, asks for an increase in Universal Credit.


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