‘Get rid of the Euro!’ The Yellow Vests demand the return of the Franc and an end to their servitude to EU-German rulers.


‘Get rid of the Euro!’ The Yellow Vests demand the return of the Franc and an end to their servitude to EU-German rulers.

A major Yellow Vest protester stated that if France wants to reclaim its sovereignty from Brussels and develop an economy that serves its national interests rather than Germany’s, it must abandon the Euro.

Anice Lajnef, the Minister of Finance at ‘Le Gouv,’ has worked as a derivatives trader for large banks such as Société Générale and Barclays for many years. Fabrice Grimal, one of the group’s primary organizers, created the political initiative “Le Gouv” as a result of the Yellow Vests movement in France. One of the main goals of ‘Le Gouv’ is to produce fresh ideas about how to transform France’s political and economic status quo, as well as to run for President in the future.

According to Mr. Lajnef, a country cannot have full sovereignty until it has its own currency.

“I believe that if you want to have sovereignty, you must have your own money, since money is what creates the social relationship between people,” he explained.

“Why should I share the same money with someone in Estonia, Lithuania, or somewhere else?

“We should have our own money and be sovereign over it because if we don’t have sovereignty over our own money, we only have sovereignty over a little portion of our lives, on the things that aren’t as important.”

The finance minister of ‘Le Gouv’ claimed that joining the Euro deprives national governments of a crucial instrument for stimulating their economies: the option to devalue their currencies.

He further argued that the European Central Bank (ECB) was exclusively concerned with safeguarding the German economy at the expense of all others.

“What is certain is that, while the ECB is physically and geographically located in Frankfurt, the ECB’s mindset is German, not European,” he stated.

“So everything is done for the German economy, and instead of being able to play on his currency and undermine it if necessary, we are unable to do so.”

Mr. Lajnef accused the European Union of enabling fiscal dumping by failing to implement an unified taxing structure across the EU, giving some countries an unfair economic advantage.

“Brinkwire Summary News” is a term used to describe fiscal dumping.


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