Germans criticize the United Kingdom, claiming that the Article 16 issue is being used to ‘distract people from Brexit problems.’


Germans criticize the United Kingdom, claiming that the Article 16 issue is being used to ‘distract people from Brexit problems.’

THE GERMANS have launched a scathing attack on the United Kingdom, alleging that the heated Article 16 battle with the European Union is being used to “distract attention away from the country’s issues post-Brexit.”

The United Kingdom and the European Union are still at odds over how to establish post-Brexit trading arrangements in Northern Ireland. Lord Frost, the UK’s Brexit minister, wants to alter substantial elements of the Northern Ireland Protocol, which was included in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s divorce deal with the EU. Brussels has refused to budge on those requests, prompting Lord Frost to warn that if substantial changes are not made, the UK may invoke Article 16, which permits either side to overturn large parts of the agreement.

However, one of Germany’s top publications has weighed in on the debate, aiming to lampoon Britain over the tumultuous situation.

“The British government is increasing the fight with the EU over customs crossings because it wants to deflect from its issues after Brexit,” the newspaper’s head of politics Stefan Kornelius railed in a comment piece for Munich-based Süddeutsche Zeitung.

“Europe will not allow that”After more than five agonizing years, the EU Commission should have a good understanding of British negotiating strategies.

“However, it is always astonishing how quickly the Johnson administration casts doubt on agreements it had just signed.”

The writer alluded to the squabble over Northern Ireland’s post-Brexit trading arrangements, noting that it was the UK government that agreed to a customs border in the Irish Sea in order to avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

However, he argued that this approach has proven to be “impractical,” adding, “Bureaucratic ingenuity and a refusal to implement the agreement have destabilized the government in Northern Ireland, hampered delivery to supermarkets, and harmed the overall movement of products.”

“Of course, British traders lose a well-established delivery region – on national soil.”

“If Johnson didn’t serve the national clamor with this fodder, he wouldn’t be Prime Minister.”

Mr Kornelius further alleged that UK negotiators have been “eager to point the finger,” implying that the EU bears sole responsibility for the “destabilization of Northern Ireland, including all supply concerns.”

He charged the UK with making “demand after demand” without waiting for a response. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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