German pupil confesses strangling classmate

BERLIN, Nov. 2 (Xinhua) — A 14-year-old German pupil admitted to strangling his 16-year-old classmate, the German police announced on Thursday night local time.

The 16-year-old was reported missing by his parents on Tuesday and was found dead in a forest one day later. According to the police, the 14-year-old student has admitted to killing his classmate near their school campus in the German city of Wenden. The teenager is now facing a youth custodial sentence of up to 10 years for manslaughter.

“There was some sort of relationship between the victim and the suspect. On Tuesday there was a debate between the two of them. In the course of that debate a dispute arose which subsequently led to the crime,” state attorney Rainer Hoppmann said during a press conference in the city of Olpe.

The 14-year-old offender first testified as a witness that the victim and he had skipped school and spent the morning together on Tuesday. The young offender initially claimed that they had gone separate ways on that day after a minor physical dispute.

State attorney Hoppmann said that the offender did not confess until he was brought before a judge. There, “he described the incident minutely in detail.” Hoppmann said that the teenager “was very deliberate in part” but had shown remorse to “a reasonable extent.”

Reacting to speculations in social networks, Hoppmann explicitly stated that the offender had “no migration background.”

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