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German backpackers who were presumed missing in remote Western Australia are found

German backpackers who were thought to be missing after going on a remote journey a month after their wedding have been found.

Benjamin Kress, 29, and Nathalie Kress, 26, are currently travelling together in the Kimberley region in the north-west of the state.

The couple were last heard from by family friends at 80 Mile Beach between Broome and Port Hedland on July 21.

Police put out an alert on Wednesday before they made contact with police to confirm they were alive and well. 

A Western Australia Police spokesman confirmed to Daily Mail Australia the couple had been in contact and were safe.  

‘They phoned police to let us know they were OK,’ the spokesman said.

‘The pair said they would touch base with the next police station they arrived at as well.’  

The ‘Gibb’ is a 660km stretch of road that travels from Derby on the west coast to Kununurra on the Northern Territory border and is considered one of the most spectacular overland trips in Australia.

The route traverses through amazing waterfalls, rock pools, Indigenous sites, national parks, broad open ranges and dramatic gorges.

Rare flora and fauna can be seen along the scenic roadway along with geological formations with major attractions including the Windjana Gorge National Park, Manning Gorge and King Leopold Ranges. 

The roadway is incredibly remote, with accommodation available in various cattle stations along the route.

Only highly experienced four wheel drivers and campers recommended to tackle the challenging terrain. 

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