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Gerbils get the house squeaky clean as they vacuum, pour tea and paint in sweet snaps

HERE’S one way of getting your house squeaky clean.

A group of gerbils mop, vacuum and paint.

They are even seen pouring tea, working at a desk and with a wheelbarrow.

Snapper Bailey Thompson spends hours with her nine gerbils on miniature sets.

The 26-year-old then puts the results on social media.

Bailey, of Ontario, Canada, said: “I’ll tell them what I want to do, show them the scene and sit there with my camera and wait until they’re in a good position.

“They never pause to pose, they’re constantly moving, so I use a flash to freeze the frame.

“They’re in that position for literally half a second.”

Bailey added: “I have a little studio in the basement and I can shut off from the world to create my own miniature world – it just gives me so much happiness.

“My favourite comment is always when people say that the pictures have made their day because ultimately my goal is to make people happy and spread joy.”

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