Gerard Richardson: Rose wine is not just for Valentine’s Day


Remember the old advert about puppies not just being for Christmas? Well, the same could be applied to rose wines and Valentine’s Day. One early word of caution, however, is that cheap rose wine is going to show its ugly head far easier than many cheap reds so, please, please follow my two rose rules;
lDon’t do two for a tenner, in fact one for a tenner is a far better idea.

lDon’t do blush zinfandel.

The best of the best is all from the south of France. Believe it or not, rose comes in many colours ranging from almost red to pale salmon pink and it’s the latter end to which you should focus your palate. 
Look for crisp wild strawberry or peachy flavours with refreshing acidity on the finish which makes them excellent wines to pair with light meats, fish (especially shellfish) and, ironically, barbequed meat. 
Yes, folks, the wine of romance is also ideal for muscle bound hulks who like to incinerate their food every time the sun comes out, which thankfully in our case isn’t too often.

Marrenon Rosefine Mediterranee Rose
Citrus fruits and floral notes on the nose with a delicate but delightful palate of crushed red fruits. The finish is crisp and refreshing. Oddbins £11

M de Minuty, Chateau Minuty Rose
This is simply delicious. A gentle floral nose with raspberries and creamy white peaches on the palate. Pair this with a crab salad for a real treat.Majestic £14.99 per bottle or £12.99 mixed 6


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