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GCSE results day: Can you answer these past questions to prove you’re smarter than a 16 year old?

IT may have been years since we sat our GCSES and we still have that recurring nightmare of opening our exam papers and having no idea how to answer anything.

Although the coronavirus crisis meant that this year’s students had a rather different experience to the rest of us, our thoughts were with them as they received their GCSE results today.

To mark GCSE results day, the Mirror teamed up with TutorHouse to put together a quiz of nine tricky questions that popped up in previous years.

From calculating percentages to figuring out full-on equations, this is not a test for the, erm, mathematically challenged among us.

Luckily, those with excellent general knowledge and an interest in volcanoes might also be able to swing it too.

So are YOU smarter than a 16-year-old?

Can you spot the 10 vehicle safety hazards in this brain teaser – it should take under 49 seconds.

Plus this tricky brainteaser asks you to find the goldfish hidden among the Nemos, so how quickly can YOU do it?

And this woman shares snap of her cat lounging on a bookshelf… so can YOU spot the kitty?

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