GB News host slams Nicola Sturgeon’s “patronizing exam” for white privilege.


GB News host slams Nicola Sturgeon’s “patronizing exam” for white privilege.

After the Scottish government pushed teachers to take a “white privilege exam,” a GB NEWS anchor slammed Nicola Sturgeon’s “patronizing” revamp of Scotland’s education.

Mercy Muroki, the host of GB News, has slammed the Scottish government for encouraging teachers to take a “white privilege exam.” She questioned why Ms. Sturgeon was focusing on “patronising teachers plagued by white guilt” rather than the country’s rapidly rising drug death rate. On Thursday, the Scottish First Minister’s Government released a set of “anti-racist” guidelines for primary and secondary school teachers.

Ms Muroki stated that the Scottish Government was preoccupied with more vital matters.

“Why is the Scottish government so focused on indoctrinating children?” she asked GB News viewers. Isn’t there something more important they could be doing?

“Would you like to cope with Europe’s greatest drug death rate? Or the fact that this year’s results in a third of Scottish primary schools fell?

“Children must learn, write, and critically think.”

“I’m a mom, my daughter is black, and I haven’t taught her about race or racism,” she said.

“The last thing I need are white guilt-ridden teachers apologizing to my child for their ‘whiteness’ and making her feel like a victim.

“The Scottish Government must abandon children. Allow kids to be kids.”

The reporting instructions, according to the SNP, were created to “embed race equality” in schools and “decolonize” the school curriculum.

The materials, according to Shirley-Anne Somerville, the SNP Education Secretary, are part of attempts to “eradicate prejudice in wider society.”

Scottish instructors have been instructed to educate their students that the concept of race was purposefully developed by Europeans to justify “crimes against humanity” as part of the measures.

It pits Scottish classrooms against English classrooms after UK Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch stated it would be illegal to promote concepts like “white privilege” as “uncontested truth” in English classrooms.

The materials are “astonishingly one-sided,” according to Lindsay Paterson, a professor of education policy at the University of Edinburgh.

According to the professor, children could be exposed to an unduly simple understanding of racism and its history.

“Children should be able to understand a diversity of viewpoints on racism,” he stated.

“For example, kids should learn about Scotland’s significant part in slavery and the slave trade, as well as Scotland’s contribution to their abolition.”


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