GB News exec resigns after channel receives 0 views; is Andrew Neil’s GB News doomed?


GB News exec resigns after channel receives 0 views; is Andrew Neil’s GB News doomed?

GB NEWS could be in trouble after it was revealed that a senior executive has quit just hours after a presenter was removed from the air after demonstrating the kneeling motion, which resulted in some of the channel’s shows receiving zero viewers this week. But what does this mean for GB News? Could Andrew Neil’s program be doomed?

GB News, called the “anti-woke” station, has been dealing with audience concerns this week after John McAndrew, the channel’s director of programming, resigned. Mr McAndrew is a well-known character in the television news profession, with a long history of working for major broadcasters such as Sky News and EuroNews. He was regarded as the channel’s second-in-command and was instrumental in persuading many of the mainstream personalities to join GB News.

The turmoil comes after GB News broadcaster Guto Harri faced widespread criticism for kneeling on air in support of the England football team during a broadcast.

Three days and a growing boycott of the station resulted in some shows attracting no viewers this week, forcing management to fire Mr Harri.

GB News declared in a statement that any presenter kneeling – a symbol linked with Black Lives Matter – was “inappropriate,” and that Mr Harri had infringed the channel’s editorial policy.

“GB News stands firm against racism in all of its forms,” the statement stated.

“We don’t have a company policy on kneeling — some of our guests support it, while others oppose it.”

“GB News is becoming a ludicrous parody of what it promised to be – not protecting free speech and against cancel culture, but reproducing it on the far right,” friends of the host told The Guardian. Nasty.

“In actuality, it was ‘sacked for offending the lynch mob,’ not a transgression of editorial code.”

The event occurs in the midst of a mounting crisis at the channel, which debuted just over four weeks ago.

Above all, GB News is about free speech; having the arguments that others won’t. When English footballers take the knee, they are making a clear statement about their opposition to racism (not endorsing the narrow divisive aims of BLM). They have my support.

Some top members of the off-air crew, according to reports. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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