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Gareth Southgate trends on Twitter over Harry Maguire conviction

England fans are waiting to see if Gareth Southgate will drop Harry Maguire from the squad after the Manchester United captain was found guilty of attacking and bribing Greek police.

The manager faced a huge backlash after he controversially named the defender in for next month’s Nations League ahead of the conviction in Mykonos this afternoon.

Southgate had put the £85million star in for matches against Iceland and Denmark but said ‘if facts or information changes I will have to review that decision’.

Maguire was later found guilty of assaulting police, verbal abuse, and attempted bribery after the alleged fight last Friday and given a 21-month suspended sentence.

Some fans called for the 27-year-old to be ‘immediately’ dropped from the squad and others said he should be stripped of the Manchester United captaincy.

One woman posted: ‘Definitely not and @ManUtd should strip him of his captaincy, behaviour of this nature should not be tolerated @GarethSouthgate.’

Another wrote: ‘Gareth Southgate, you have made a huge mistake picking Maguire. Sends out the wrong message.’

One man put: ‘@GarethSouthgate @HarryMaguire93 he should be stripped of his captaincy @ManUtd and should be dropped from playing for @England international team forever , bringing the club @ManUtd inter disrepute and country football to #disgrace #maguire.’

Another said online: ‘Gareth Southgate dropped Raheem Sterling from the England squad after he got into a scrap with Joe Gomez during a training session.

‘He included Harry Maguire in his England squad after he was arrested. That’s how double standards manifest themselves into real-life decisions.’

And one person added: ‘Gareth Southgate looks like a right tw*t now that Harry Maguire has been found guilty of repeated bodily harm, attempted bribery, violence against public employees and insult…

‘I’d imagine the FA release a statement announcing that Slabhead has been dropped from the squad.’

But some defended the footballer, who has 26 senior England caps, and said he should remain in the squad.

One man posted on Twitter after the conviction: ‘I am fully behind @HarryMaguire. Stay strong big man!!!’

Another wrote: ‘@HarryMaguire93 Harry, we are behind you, you’re a great guy and our captain, stay strong.’

One person put: ‘It really breaks my heart to see what happens to my 2018 World Cup hero. Stay strong, i’ll always support you no matter what.’

A man said on Twitter: ‘@HarryMaguire93 .. captain, stay strong all of us are with you…’

And another added: ‘Let him stay please.’

Maguire flew home on Sunday after two nights in prison and remained in the UK for the trial.

The court hearing was today held without Maguire, with his lawyers representing him and his father Alan also in attendance.

Southgate named the defender in his latest squad earlier this afternoon despite his legal woes.

Southgate said: ‘Yes it is clearly a decision that is not straightforward and a decision that in the end I could only take on the information I have.

‘I have spoken with Harry, I have the insight to the story which is very different to what is being reported. You can only make decisions on facts you are aware of.

‘If facts or information changes I will have to review that decision, but I have a fantastic relationship with the boy, he has been a fantastic character for us – he has my support at this moment.

‘I’m not going to get into hypotheticals of what might happen, but I have got to reserve the right to review if further information becomes available.

‘You always make decisions to the best of your ability given the information you have. People may agree or disagree with those decisions, but it is a position where every manger finds himself.

‘Harry regrets the fact he has brought that sort of focus and attention to the team – he apologised for that – but also has his own side of the story.’

Millions of fans are now looking to see if the player keeps his place for next month’s UEFA Nations League fixtures against Iceland and Denmark.

Ioannis Paradissis, lawyer for two of the six policemen involved in the case, told MailOnline: ‘Harry Maguire is a disgrace.’

He continued: ‘He has invented a pack of lies and has not had the decency to apologise.

‘He has insulted our police officers and he and his friends left three of them injured.

‘They had to be taken to hospital and were brutally beaten by Maguire, his brother Joe and their friend.

‘Maguire and his friends then invented a story about Albanians attacking his sister. I’ve never heard such rubbish.

‘This was a shameful attempt to cover up their disgusting behaviour and an insult to Albanians and the Greek police.

‘Maguire is a role model, he should hang his head in shame and return to Greece to apologise.’

Maguire’s brother Joe, who plays for non-league team Ilkeston Town, was also found guilty of assault, attacking police and attempted bribery.

A third man, 29-year-old Christopher Sharman, was found guilty of two assault charges and another of verbal abuse.

All three had denied the charges based on the evidence of four policemen. 

The court heard today how Maguire told Greek police ‘don’t you know who I am? I’m the captain of Man Utd’, before attempting to bribe officers after his chaotic bar brawl in Mykonos last week. 

The £85m star flew home on Sunday and remained in the UK ahead of his trial. 

A spokesman for Maguire’s club today said: ‘Manchester United notes the verdict of the Greek court today. Harry Maguire pleaded not guilty to all of the misdemeanour charges made against him and he continues to strongly assert his innocence.

‘It should be noted that the prosecution confirmed the charges and provided their evidence late on the day before the trial, giving the defence team minimal time to digest them and prepare. A request for the case to be adjourned was subsequently denied.

‘On this basis, along with the substantial body of evidence refuting the charges, Harry Maguire’s legal team will now appeal the verdict, to allow a full and fair hearing at a later date.’

His lawyers represented him in court and his father Alan arrived shortly after 11am local time ahead of the trial.

Today, Maguire’s lawyer claimed in court the footballer’s sister Daisy was injected with a date rape drug by two Albanian men outside the bar the defendants were at.

Daisy collapsed, triggering a brawl, and police rushed to the scene, with the Albanians fleeing, the court was told.

The court heard Maguire and his group asked to be taken to hospital after the brawl, but were stopped by undercover police.

After more violent clashes, the three accused were driven to a police station, where officers kicked Maguire on the leg and told him: ‘Your career is over’. 

But officer Mickolos Kolios claimed while giving evidence that Maguire began pushing officers and getting verbally abusive.

He claimed the footballer and his brother Joe tried to bribe officers, with Harry saying: ‘Do you know who I am? I am the captain of Manchester United. I am very rich. I can give you money. I can pay you, please let us go.’

The court also heard Maguire said ‘f*** the police both inside and outside the station. 

Maguire’s friend Ashden Morley told the court that the Manchester United captain feared that he was being kidnapped or robbed when they were stopped by undercover police officers.

Mr Morley, a quantity surveyor from Sheffield and a childhood friend of Harry and Joe, said that the incident with the police started as the group returned to their minibus following a night out.

He said that Harry’s sister Daisy had been approached by ‘two Albanian looking men’ as some of the group wen to buy burgers and kebabs at around midnight.

He added: ‘Daisy was sat down about three metres away from us. She was approached by two Albanian looking gentlemen who asked her where she was from and she replied ‘Sheffield.’

‘They continued to stick around Daisy. Fern (Harry’s fiancé) then noticed that her eyes were rolling into the back of her head. So, she rushed across to Daisy. She then began fitting.

‘All the girls started screaming, other people were coming down and there was a real commotion.’

When asked by the Greek public prosecutor how Mr Morley knew the men were Albanian, he replied: ‘Because they looked it and had an Albanian nature.’  

The court heard that Maguire and his pals rushed off in a minibus to take her to hospital.

They then realised they were being followed by two cars behind them before the vehicle pulled up in a courtyard.

It has since been established the group of men in these cars were undercover police officers.

Mr Morley added: ‘The van we were in stopped and the door was pulled open by a man. We thought we were either being robbed or kidnapped. Everybody was very scared.’

He revealed that Harry and his friend Chris managed to flee the van.

Mr Morely added: ‘Harry later told me that he was trying to ring his agent to tell him that he needed help.

‘I looked out of the van and saw Harry and Chris kneeling on the ground with their hands up in the air and they were being kicked and stamped on.

‘We were all in the mini-bus with the doors open, all the girls were in hysterics, crying their eyes out.’ 

Sky Sports pundit and former Liverpool star Jamie Carragher led a defence of Maguire online, refuting the claims from Greek police. 

He wrote: ‘Absolute b******s! Every story/rumour someone tells about a footballer always starts with ‘Do you know who I am?’ I’ve never once heard any player say that!!’ 

Maguire’s brother Laurence tweeted: ‘This is crazy… anyone who knows Harry now knows this whole story is fabricated.’ 

All six of the officers involved in the incident were plainclothes police officers conducting covert patrols in Mykonos town on Thursday night.

Only four gave evidence at Maguire’s trial. 

Officer Georgios Gilembesis told the court that Maguire and his friends were seen fighting with a group of other men beside a black van last Thursday night in Mykonos town.

He said that he was accompanied by five other officers who were all in plain clothes. 

After approaching the van, Mr Gilembesis said that they identified themselves as police officers.

He said: ‘We told them we were policemen and showed them our identity cards.’

The officer claimed that two men who he now knows to be Harry and Joe Maguire began verbally and physically abusing some of the officers present.

He said that officers then asked the van driver to follow them to Mykonos police station where the attack on them by the two brothers continued.  

Gelebessis said all three defendants started shouting in English: ‘F**k the police, f**k you.’

Gelebessis also revealed bruises on his right arm — injuries allegedly sustained during the scuffle with the defendants.

All policemen involved went to the local clinic in Mykonos for treatment of injuries, he claimed.

He said the defendants ‘did not appear to have consumed large amounts of alchohol. They were walking and talking fine.’

Chistos Atreidis, one of the officers who arrested Maguire told the court: ‘We didn’t know who he was at the time and it wouldn’t have made any difference.

‘When we got back to the police station, he said he was the leader of Manchester United and said ‘I am a rich man. I have a lot of money.’

Police officer Ioannis Stretzos added that after arriving at the station, Maguire informed the officers that he is the captain of Manchester United.

He claimed that Maguire asked them to ‘name your price’ and told them that he was a ‘very rich man’ who had a lot of money.

Mr Stretzos added that he was not aware that Maguire was the captain of Manchester United until he told police officers himself.

He added that he responded to Maguire in English with ‘I don’t understand what you want.’

He also claimed that after being brought into Mykonos police station the two Maguire brothers and their friend continued to verbally and physically abuse officers. 

He was joined by family friend Ashden Morley, who is a witness in the case. 

Mr Morley is set to give evidence he claims will clear all three of those charged of any wrong doing.  

The three suspects spent two nights in a cell before appearing in court in Syros on Saturday, where Harry Maguire pleaded not guilty.    

If found guilty, Maguire is likely to face a fine rather than imprisonment as the charges against him will be viewed as misdemeanours.

The same applies to his brother Joe and Sharman.   

Father-of-two Joe Maguire, from Sheffield, is also a footballer who has played for clubs including Scunthorpe United, Nuneaton Town and Boston. 

According to some media reports, their sister Daisy was approached by ‘gangster-style’ Albanian businessmen, one of whom started chatting her up, sources told The Sun.

When she turned him down, she was reportedly jabbed in the arm with a sharp metal straw, drawing blood and causing her to faint, at which point Maguire stepped in and a fight broke out.

Matters escalated after police intervened, leading to Maguire and two others being arrested for attacking police.

Yesterday it was suggested Maguire’s trial could be postponed due to an outbreak of coronavirus in the building where it was due to take place tomorrow.     

Officials on the Greek island of Syros have partially locked down a section of the town hall complex which houses the courthouse where three judges will hear Maguire’s case on Tuesday.

Special measures are being introduced in and around the courthouse, but local authority officials are in a race against time to ensure that it can remain open for the trial.

Nikolaos Livadaras, mayor of Syros told MailOnline that the outbreak of coronavirus had taken place in the town hall’s financial services department where a member of staff had tested positive and others had shown symptoms. 

He said: ‘We are proceeding with all the necessary health procedures and extending a lockdown in a section of the town hall facilities where a case was detected.

‘This concerns the town hall’s financial services department, where all employees are currently being tested after the director of the department was found to have tested positive for Covid-19.’

The financial department is in the same building and just a short distance from the courthouse, where Manchester United captain Maguire, 27 will stand trial for assaulting three police officers and attempting to bribe them.  

If the trial does proceed, then members of the public and the media may be prevented from attending while all those inside will have to wear face masks and maintain social distance. The courthouse is also currently undergoing a deep clean.

Maguire is believed to be in England and does not have to attend the hearing after it was ruled that lawyers can represent him.

Greece has seen a dramatic rise in Covid-19 cases in recent weeks, with health officials considering fresh lockdowns for several pockets of the country. 

Maguire reportedly enjoyed a five-hour drinking session in the days leading up to his arrest, racking up a bar bill rumoured to be around £63,000 on vintage champagne, cocktails, steaks and lobster. 

He is understood to have been with Chelsea midfielder Ross Barkley, Love Island star Chris Hughes and snooker player Judd Trump, as well as members of his family.

It emerged that Maguire gorged on a £4.50 doner kebab with pals during a boozy night out just minutes before becoming embroiled in a fight that led to his arrest for attacking three policemen.

Maguire, who earns £190,000 per week, wolfed down the kebab after emerging from the exclusive Bonbonniere night club in Mykonos where he had been drinking on Thursday night with a group of friends.

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